In the spirit of Christmas preserving and maximizing the imagination of children, Genii Games, a company that develops mobile games and web videos for kids, is organizing a year-long Digital Storytelling workshop for children.

The aim of the workshop is to get kids aged 4 and above to tell or create and publish their own stories as mobile apps and videos. The kids will be taught to draw, colour, voice act, animate and publish stories from scratch.

When I was a kid, one of my aunts used to tell me a lot of bedtime stories. She told me stories about how the tortoise cracked its shell, how the cock got its comb and how elephants became afraid of spiders. Those awesome folktales were a vital part of my life growing up but I never got the chance to explore more possibilities with them. A lot of them are worthy of film franchises, to be honest. Especially the many stories about the tortoise.

But that’s not the case today. All hope is not lost though. The generation coming after us have the chance to fill this gap, because let’s face it, that’s what it is. It’s a gap. What’s the difference between Thor and Sango or Amadioha? What stops us from making movies or cartoons series about them?

Don’t ask me why I can’t be the one to turn these stories into films. I’m past that point already. Plus, no one delivers more creative stories than little kids. It’s amazing the things that go on in those little heads and wild minds.

Parents can register their kids for the Saturday sessions which will kick off on January 30 at Genii Games’ studio in Yaba, Lagos. Schools and organizations can also register to have the workshop integrated into their extra-curricular activities. Now, that would be fun.

Click here to register. Who knows, your kid may just be another Walt Disney or Genndy Tartakovsky in the making.

Photo Credit: Genii Games

David Adeleke Author

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