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The guys at Mountain View are stuck in a rut. Cupcake. Donut. Eclair. Froyo. Gingerbread. Honeycomb. Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean. KitKat. Lollipop. Marshmallow. N? Google’s going to pick the name of Android N from the entries submitted on this website they’ve just launched. We don’t know how they’re going to pick the final name, but I’ve seen a couple of interesting ideas on the internets like this one from Ire:

Before now, all the Android versions were named after dessert menu items, but it’s entirely possible that Google is taking a break from that paradigm…or not. Either way, I’m looking forward to the release – that is, if any Android OEMs are kind enough to let us have the update sometime before I see my grandkids.

Or, I’ll just buy a Nexus.

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