AF Radio is a new Android app that lets you listen to and discover radio shows in Ghana from anywhere in the world. With the app, users can subscribe to their preferred shows and get notified as soon as it starts airing.

Ghanaian FM radio, AM radio or internet radio can be streamed for free on the AF Radio app. The app also allows users to play back any missed episode immediately after it airs. Another interesting feature the app has is the fact that it allows users see a stream of real-time tweets about whatever episode they are listening to and join the conversation right from the app.

Founder, Bubunyo Nyavor, created the app due to his deep belief in the opportunities in Africa’s radio space. He noticed that radio has been left behind in the race for digital media across Africa, and so he decided to create the app to stop this gap. “At a time when we’re focused on telling our own stories on the continent, radio provides a rich and diverse range of shows, from sports to politics and everything in between,” says Bubunyo.

Finding and keeping up with radio shows can be difficult in today’s world especially for digitally connected young people. Bubunyo says, “This is where AF Radio excels. By providing a richer digitally native experience, we’re helping our users keep up with their favourite shows, discover fantastic new ones, and plug into the conversations and the hot topics of the day sparked by radio.”

AF Radio launched on October 19, 2016, with over 60 shows and 40 stations, and pledges to continue to work closely with radio stations to include more content for its audience.

All of the 15 people who have rated it in the Play Store think AF Radio deserved a 5-star. The app keeps closing when I try to listen so I’ll save my comments till I actually use it.

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