In the service industry, the customer is believed to be ‘king’. But when it comes to how financial service providers serve their customers, it seems the reverse is the case. In today’s financial landscape, people are still fraught with many challenges, particularly, as it relates to how they can enjoy freedom over their money. 

To address the pitfalls prevalent in the financial industry would require skill, patience and an understanding of the average customer’s plight, and GoMoney, a CBN licensed mobile money service provider, has risen to the challenge. It has positioned itself as a fully digital financial service provider that puts customers at the forefront of its activities. 

GoMoney does not just house your money like a typical account, as it also helps you conduct a myriad of financial transactions successfully and efficiently. Using the GoMoney app, you can pay bills, schedule payments, split bills with friends, and also send money to people within and outside the GoMoney ecosystem. 

Banking customers need not struggle with unnecessary debits, transactional errors, service delays, and other issues regularly associated with stowing money. GoMoney proves that the concept of having unfettered access to one’s money is not farfetched. 

How GoMoney is Making Magic Happen 

1. Minimal transactional charges 

By using GoMoney, you are freeing yourself from the incessant charges that you could face when your money sits in a bank account. You can fund your GoMoney account and be certain that you are not going to get debited for account maintenance, SMS charges, token charges etc. Also, when you transfer money to other people, you do not need to worry about any extra charges if the recipients are GoMoney users. In the case where the recipient account is not a GoMoney account, a flat rate of N7.875 is charged for each interbank transaction; no matter how much it is. This transactional charge is a combination of the NIP service charge and VAT. 

2. No Transactional Errors 

No one enjoys the uncertainty of trying to transfer money and not knowing if the transfer went through. It is worse when you realise that the transfer was indeed successful and you were debited multiple times for your single transaction. You won’t have that problem with GoMoney. Through the app, you can move your money in real-time without fear of transactional errors. You can also make transactions through peer-to-peer payments, on the app, through emails and phone numbers. 

3. Managing Costs Effectively 

As the year is rounding off, everyone is trying to cut down on excessive costs so they would have enough to spend during the holiday. GoMoney provides features to help you achieve this. Using the app, you can track how much you’ve spent over a period of time. The ‘Reports’ feature on the app shows you a well-detailed categorisation of how much you have, how much you deposited and the items that you spend your money on. Likewise, the “Split Costs” feature gives you a breather as you no longer need to foot all the costs of your hangouts, commitments, and emergencies. You’d also be able to use the app to share bills with the relevant parties going forward. 

4. Cover recurring expenses 

Some bills will not stop coming, no matter how many times you pay them; electricity, data, airtime, the pocket money you need to your siblings every month… You name it. With the “Scheduled payments” feature on GoMoney, you can just automate these payments by scheduling recurring bills and save yourself the stress of paying them manually. 

Now is the time 

The moment has come for you to take on the driver’s seat and have full control of your money. With the GoMoney app, you can finally step up and explore the numerous services GoMoney offers. To get started, you first have to get on the GoMoney waitlist. GoMoney would like to reward the first set of people to register and share their referral links with prizes and exclusive access to the app before everyone else can get into the app. 

What’s in it for me? 

You can join the many Nigerians enjoying the benefits of GoMoney by signing up for early access to the app today! Presently, many Nigerians are on the waitlist, and all you need to do to join them is register at and share your unique code with as many people as you care to tell. The more people you refer, the more points you earn, which bumps you up a few places on the leaderboard and brings you several steps closer to winning up to 75,000 Naira. 

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