At Simbi Interactives, we believe every student deserves quality content materials that are easily understandable, produces great results during evaluation and is retained by the student for a longer period of time. 

So, our amazing engineering team and the content team have spent months conducting learning studies, researching better learning materials and designing several prototypes. 

The result? A perfect E-Learning application that incorporates audio aids, visual aids and now, audiovisual aids, for Senior Secondary School students.

Research over the years has shown that audiovisual aids make students remember the concept taught for a longer period of time. We also understand that each student is unique, each having his/her preferred learning aid. 

As the saying goes, “what works for Tope might not work for Ajoke.” In considering this, we factored in the needs of each student and added teaching videos to SimbiBot to supplement the lesson notes, flashcards and interactive practice questions already available.

We know the coronavirus pandemic hit all of us hard and our schools have not been opened yet. Education, however, should not be put on hold. 

With an update from Google Playstore for SimbiBot already existing users or a new download for new users, each student can now have access to high-quality, easily understandable, step-by-step teaching videos for the topics in the Nigeria curriculum.

Go on then, check it out yourself here.

For more details about SimbiBot,

Contact number: +2347061394773

SimbiBot – Nigeria’s Most Loved Learning Application for Senior Senior Secondary Students.

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