A platform that lets users create customized legal documents in 5 easy steps! 

As social and business interactions between people grew over the years, the demand for legal services grew as well. People increasingly seek to ensure that their interactions (business and social) are properly  protected to avoid any undue liabilities. As this demand for legal services grew, so did the need for  alternative ways of providing these services.  

Today, through innovative means and technology, legal services are provided to an ever-increasing array  of users all over the world, making it easily accessible and affordable. 

Herein comes LaniDigital, a digital business established to widen access to and meet the growing demand  for legal services in Africa and beyond.  

LaniDigital is powered by some of the most qualified Nigerian lawyers and offers access to several legal  contracts and forms for personal and business needs as well as a bouquet of offline services that address  the legal needs of every class of individuals and corporate organizations. These legal templates have been  grouped into different categories, including but not limited to business incorporation, intellectual  property right protection, estate planning, marriage and divorce, finance, real estate, taxes, agreements,  and more.  

LaniDigital offers a tech solution to access with ease documents and templates created by duly qualified  Nigerian lawyers. We aim to offer users the opportunity to easily access legal templates at their fingertips  and at the convenience of their electronic/mobile devices. The platform also promises each user unlimited  access to download from a robust library of comprehensive legal templates and regulatory forms, without  having to visit a brick-and-mortar office or engage a legal practitioner, as is the usual practice. 

Beyond the obvious value add, 

• LaniDigital is the only platform in Nigeria where users can purchase certain legal regulatory  template forms with the option of having the required legal offline services performed on their  behalf by Nigerian lawyers. 

• LaniDigital understands that its user community comprises many small and medium enterprises,  and given our experience working with SMEs across different industries (including tech), we have  a deep understanding of the legal needs of these businesses at different stages of their growth  and have developed unique bundles of legal documents that these companies can purchase to  serve their immediate and future legal needs. 

• LaniDigital has also developed a payment plan that gives users significant flexibility on choosing  payment plans that meet their legal needs on a case-by-case basis. The current subscription plans  have been developed following a detailed and thorough market analysis; thus, each user (whether  corporate or individual) can find a payment plan that works best for them either through one off  purchases or a periodic subscription plan (which is further sub-divided into three categories).

• LaniDigital gives no restrictions on the format in which users can download purchased documents.  Once a document has been purchased, the user would have access to the editable and final  versions of the document allowing them to use a document repeatedly. 

To generate your personalized legal document on the LaniDigital site, simply follow these 5 easy steps: 

1. Go to www.LaniDigital.com 

2. Log into the platform by signing up or signing in. 

3. Click on a document from either the Personal or Business category depending on your needs. 4. Click to ‘Create’ your document and fill in the required information.  

5. When this is completed, enter your billing information to enable you purchase and download your  document. 

Terms and conditions apply.

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