Algorand (ALGO) Downloads LimeWire to Web 3.0

The Algorand (ALGO) blockchain is set to be used in LimeWire’s upcoming NFT line and token distribution, which is set to begin its official launch campaign later this month.

The Web 1.0 juggernaut, which allowed users to share and download files such as music and images, has long past its heyday, having been discontinued back in 2010. For many, this has come as a shock, but for some, LimeWire’s return could not have come sooner.

For many users of the early Internet, there is an inherent nostalgia surrounding LimeWire, of downloading low quality audio files of the times best music, to sharing pictures across the Net to friends. And now, those who used the service as teens in the 00’s are adults, able to invest in NFT projects and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

As a project with a likelihood of success thanks to this powerful nostalgia, Algorand (ALGO) is also likely to feel the ripple effect, with a high chance their token will rise in value in turn.

Algorand (ALGO) already has several selling points that makes it a unique opportunity for investors, such as its one-of-a-kind carbon-negative blockchain that founder Silvio Macali describes as one ‘which drives energy consumption to almost zero’; something predicted to be the future for crypto.

Therefore, it seems Algorand (ALGO) is set for an exciting quarter .

STEPN (GMT) Steps Up

STEPN (GMT) has been stepping up this month, consistently topping the Coin Market Cap trending charts due to its unique premise.

STEPN (GMT) tokens work in conjunction with the STEPN app. The app tracks users’ footsteps in a similar fashion to a pedometer, rewarding users with tokens based on their steps.

These STEPN (GMT) tokens can then be exchanged or used to purchase and mint shoe NFTs, all of which provide benefits to users based on their rarity. This creates a sustainable and exciting ecosystem, where the community can work together to maximise the effectiveness of their steps, and come out of it with respectable earnings.

The app intends to incorporate multi-chain capabilities to their wallets this month, giving users extended flexibility in what they do with their STEPN (GMT) tokens. It also allows for faster translation times and lower gas fees- all highly beneficial for crypto users who are quite literally on the run.

With this update and many more on the horizon, the second quarter is set to be interesting for STEPN (GMT).

Sanzooz Finance (SZFT) Could Redefine DeFi

A system set to make its appearance soon is Sanzooz Finance (SZFT), with its revolutionary Ethereum (ETH) protocol for artificial asset issuance.

Their system, which will allow users to create, trade, and sell artificial assets through smart contracts, has been crafted with the utmost care, taking notes of where current DeFi systems are falling behind and making improvements to avoid these issues.

For example, while Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) are very commonly used by crypto users to better manage, exchange, and control their assets, they often come with risks that can cause major issues to those unaware of them.

Liquidity risks, for example, are a massive risk for DEX users. With liquidity being associated with the ease of exchanging assets and tokens for other tokens or fiat currency, this can become majorly problematic for those aiming to make profits through crypto.

Sanzooz Finance (SZFT) have tackled this DEX issue through crafting a protocol and associated platforms that allows assets to be minted through their tokens, creating collateral whilst also allowing users a stake in their platform, offering a huge range of rewards such as exchange incentives.

With plans to launch their token as well as launch their programs on the Mainnet and ETH Mainnet this quarter, and their presale just beginning, those looking for a new way to exchange and sell artificial assets should keep their eyes on Sanzooz Finance (SZFT).

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