The ability of any business to build a consistent and reliable reputation depends on the quality of its products and services. For this reason, quality assurance (QA) engineers are often hired to ensure products meet the highest standards, procedures, and outlined requirements. 

Sadly, a lot of Africa-based companies, particularly within the tech sector, still find it difficult to get talent that can test their products while providing support in the development process—a reality that has largely been attributed to a scarcity of credible and efficient talent platforms. 

In order to solve this challenge, UnbugQA serves as an ecosystem for software technology companies to find, hire, and work with some of the best quality assurance engineers. 

The company’s approach to guaranteeing quality, trust, and competence sets it apart as a game-changer within the quality assurance community. 

“We built UnbugQA to solely solve the problem of startups building products that are not well tested. It is also set using a system and structure that helps refine and select well-vetted QA engineers who have special skills in demand. Upon request, we select these special talents that have been well trained for special needs to cater to the company’s requirements,” Joseph Burutu (CEO  at UnbugQA) explains. 

UnbugQA is also heavily invested in ensuring the success of its client’s company and products. “We want software companies to understand that our process is accurate, structured, and guaranteed; therefore we are credible enough to hand them the best QA engineers for their needs.”

How to get started on hiring a QA engineer 

The entire process is quick and effective. Within seconds of clicking here to access a short request form, all you need to do is provide a brief about your company and the services required. The next step is a quick call with the UnbugQA team to discuss the requirements, terms of the contract, and talents available for hire.

UnbugQA’s engineers are skilled in functional and non-functional tests, training, recruitment, and test automation. Once requirements on both sides are fulfilled, the QA engineer is onboarded into your software team to start work! 

UnbugQA’s two-fold agenda

In addition to its credibility as a platform, the recruitment company’s service fees are transparent. For full-time employment, there is a probation period where UnbugQA outsources talent to you for full-time employment and gives a probation period of 3 months. During this time, clients can reach out to the team if the need arises. In a situation where there is no improvement after executing cautionary measures, a replacement will be provided with no additional charges. This is to build credibility for the brand. 

“In line with our policy, an assigned talent manager checks in with the talents for a weekly and monthly performance review. This way, we can ensure that they perform better and deliver optimum value.” 

UnbugQA’s commitment to empowering software engineers is unmatched. According to Olutoye Owojaye (CTO at UnbugQA) one of the company’s goals is to carve a space in the technological ecosystem where QA engineers can thrive. In the past, a lot of companies did not recognize the value of QA engineers, but that is fast changing. “We intend to educate more companies on the importance of QA engineers. While you may require a software designer to help you build your product right, you also need a QA engineer to check that the product is less buggy, runs well, and follows the software development standard.” 

UnbugQA aims to be at the forefront of creating opportunities for QA talents with our outsourcing side. “I believe, in a bid to create more opportunities for QA engineers in the software and technology space, QA engineers need to be announced. Companies need to understand the need for testers when launching or innovating a digital product.” 

The team recently announced plans to launch an academy that will train QAs in both manual and automation testing. Click here for more details.

‘UnbugQA will be launching an academy for QA aspirants, the academy is an in-house talent training session where we teach them software quality assurance engineering with a world-class curriculum and prepare them to get well-paying QA jobs after the 6-months mentorship. It’s fully remote and beginner-friendly.

‘To signup for the QA Academy, visit ’.

‘Applications to join currently are ongoing and classes will commence very soon.’

‘It promises to be a rewarding experience’

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