Despite crypto adoption in Africa growing by over 1,200% in the past two years, startups and businesses in Africa still find it a bit challenging to receive stablecoins and get settlements in their country’s fiat currency.

According to the Chainalysis research paper on ‘The 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report,’ released in October 2021, it shows Nigeria is ranked 6th in the global crypto adoption index with an index score of 0.26. Meanwhile, it is important to point out that Nigeria was once the leading nation in Africa in terms of cryptocurrency adoption.

Between October 19th, 2020 to May 19th, 2022, the amount of cash held in stable coins has 

increased from $21 billion to $170 billion, representing an increase of approximately 800% according to the block coin metrics

How are we helping Africans tap into this market?

We believe building a business in Africa is challenging but getting paid shouldn’t be and this is why we built Payercoins to help Africans accept payment with stable coins from anywhere in the world and get a settlement in their country’s local currency or preferred crypto wallet.

At the core of payercoins, what we do every day is to help businesses go global and become more profitable, customers from anywhere in the world will find it convenient to do business with any startup that accepts stablecoins because there is no delay in transaction, no international fees, and no limitations as to who can or cannot send funds and also where those funds can be accessible.

In terms of security, Victor Adeleye, an ex-software engineer at Global Accelerex, who is the Co-founder of  Payercoins said  Payercoins was tested for optimal security with ISO 27001 Certified and all digital assets are insured through their partner Tresh0ld  by Relm Insurance

What can you do with Payercoins?

Payercoins API: Startups/Businesses can start accepting stablecoins on their web or mobile app with our easy-to-integrate API. Payercoins API is well documented and it will take 2-3 days to integrate. The documentation is easy to read and it comes with SDKs and libraries for easy and quick setup. With this, startups unlock another revenue stream, which will help them generate more funds and take their business to the next level.

Payment Page: SMEs, freelancers, and remote workers can easily generate a payercoins payment page in less than 2 minutes, and share the payment link with their clients to get paid in crypto. Payercoins payment page is the fastest you will ever experience.

Donation Page: Over $60 million was raised for the victims of war in Ukraine using crypto earlier this year. This shows how crypto can be used to help people in need all over the world, giving voice to the voiceless, as we saw during the Black Lives Matter movement in America and the EndSars protest in Nigeria. With Payercoins donation page, receiving donations has just been made easy,  you raise funds in crypto and get settled in your local currency. 

E-commerce Store: All over the internet, people are selling different items  (Digital products, E-books, Software, etc). With Payercoins online store, vendors can set up their eCommerce website for free without any coding experiencePayercoins online store. Their customers can view products, add them to their cart, and checkout. This will take away the burden of where to sell and how to get paid from them, while at the same time taking their business global and helping them sell to people from all over the world.

Here are a few reasons why most startups prefer Payercoins for accepting stable coins

  • Security, as all digital assets are insured by Relm Insurance
  • No gas fee
  • Highest payout rate
  • Instant withdrawal to your local bank or preferred crypto wallet
  • Friendly user experience 

Payercoins has built a good community of users, where it communicates and easily onboards new partners.  Click here to join our community.
Visit to get started with Payercoins.

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