Movies made in Africa have been marked as significant exports for the continent, drawing the likes of Netflix to set up shop in countries like Nigeria and South Africa. With the release of a streaming app dubbed Accelerate Plus, the Nigerian digital entertainment company Accelerate TV has joined the list of companies streaming African content to the world. 

According to the parent company, users can access the Accelerate Plus app in all 54 African countries and some European and American countries where African content is in demand. 

The app is the latest innovation of the 6-year-old digital media company established to tell authentic and diverse stories that reflect African societies. Since 2018, Accelerate TV has powered a strong community of movie creators, specialising in the short films category and training industry players who have won Africa-wide awards

Like Netflix, the Accelerate Plus app aims to offer subscribers the opportunity to watch content that can only be found on its platform. Looking at Accelerate TV’s portfolio, one could estimate that the company’s award-winning expertise in short films will set them apart from the traditional longer-movies-only streaming platforms that currently dominate the African market.

 “Accelerate Plus is more than a platform for African content for us. It serves as a catalyst for highlighting and promoting an undiluted African narrative in the face of global misconceptions. For this purpose, we have taken deliberate steps to curate authentic and exciting content for Africa by Africans, as well as to create a portal for the rest of the world to access premium African content from anywhere in the world,” Accelerate’s CEO, Colette Otusheso, said in a post.

Notably, Accelerate Plus is entering the African streaming market with a price strategy that stands out from its competitors. While Netflix in Nigeria offers between N1,200 ($2.85) to N4,400($10.45) for different plans, Accelerate Plus offers a flat fee of N2,100 ($4.99) to users outside Nigeria and a range of N100($0.23) – N500 ($1.18) to its users in Nigeria.

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