Glovo is a food delivery and courier app that entered the Nigerian market in July last year, offering users the convenience of ordering food, groceries, and more from their favorite local spots, chains, and fine dining restaurants within their city. The app has a growing popularity and is currently available in Ikoyi, VI, Lekki, Yaba, Surulere, Ilupeju, Abuja, and Ibadan and is expanding quickly into new locations across the country.

We wanted to know what the rave was about, so we decided to review the app ourselves. Our focus was on these two key details: One, Vendors available on the platform. Two, Speed and reliability of its delivery wait times. 

After a look at the platform, here’s how we sum up to be the strengths that make Glovo a new but strong competitor in the food delivery and courier service landscape. 

Number One, Diversified Vendors Options

First, we noticed how inclusive Glovo’s platform is of both local vendors just as much as with more popular fast food chains and fine dining places. This brings a nice touch to the food delivery space because unlike other existing food delivery apps that focus only on popular fast-food spots and food vendors, Glovo has every food lover covered, whether you prefer a plate of hot efo riro from Iya Ibadan’s pot or your fine dining palate just wants a taste of some Filet Mignon.

Number Two, Optimized Delivery

Glovo’s platform is built on the promise of delivering every customer their order at the quickest time possible. However, it isn’t just an empty promise, Glovo is driven by a special algorithm named Jarvis, after the robot in the movie Iron Man. The algorithm assigns orders to couriers using an intuitive process that starts with organizing orders, bundling them to be delivered in one trip, and matching them with the best available couriers who can fulfill the order within the shortest time possible. To find the best courier for each job, Jarvis calculates a number of factors: the courier’s current location, its distance from the pickup point and the delivery point, the order preparation time, traffic, and other real-time conditions.

No one likes lengthy wait times, especially not when you are waiting for that hot bowl of pepper soup or steaming Akara balls to hit your plate, and with Glovo you can track the progress of your delivery from start to finish with real-time updates provided on the app. Another impressive plus for the Glovo app is the delivery fee which is relatively low at N250.

Number Three, More Than Food Delivery

One final area that makes the Glovo app exciting is the diverse range of products users can shop and order from the platform. Glovo is the perfect place to do your weekly grocery shopping with everyday products from dairy products to breakfast cereals, bathroom supplies or even pharmaceutical products are all available on the app at competitive prices. In fact, on the Glovo app, groceries are up to 30% cheaper than you’ll find in a regular supermarket, which is good news when we consider the skyrocketing cost of living in the country. 

Beyond food delivery, the Glovo platform is also an on-demand delivery platform, and here are examples of more ways to use the app: shop for pharmaceutical products, groceries, and order drinks.

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