Living in a generation and time when music and movies are important forms of entertainment, Apple Stores’ iTunes gift cards have been found to be a more practical and quick way to purchase these digital products and services.

Apple iTunes gift cards work just like prepaid cards in a sense, but for Apple-related stuff. These gift cards are usually available as e-codes or physical cards in all Apple stores. They can also be purchased from licensed merchants and some online retailers.

If you are wondering what it takes to purchase an iTunes gift card in Nigeria, this blog is for you!

Why You Need an iTunes Gift Card?

For one, it’s a general knowledge that most Nigerian debit cards don’t work on Apple Music, which is one of the major reasons why you need to buy apple gift card online. But here are some other reasons:

  1. They are easy to buy. You don’t have to use a credit or debit card, considering how difficult that can be in Nigeria today, especially with the limits placed on international transactions on Nigerian bank cards.
  1. They are more secure. People generally feel safer online when they are not required to provide their credit card details when making payment for digital products like Apple Music.
  1. You get to choose gift cards within your budget. This is because iTunes gift cards come in different amounts that enable you to make payments for the specific service you need.
  1. They offer flexibility. One iTunes gift card is a universal card that you can use to purchase apps, movies, music, books, games and in-app products.

Steps to Purchase an Apple Gift Card in Nigeria

In this part of the world, despite the difficulties that have come with making payments for services in recent times, it’s still pretty easy to purchase an iTunes gift card and use it to subscribe to Apple Music.

One platform, Cardtonic, has consistently proven to be the best place to buy gift cards in Nigeria. This trusted and secure platform assures its customers of swift delivery of over 14,000 Nigerian and international gift cards. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Cardtonic app or get on the website to sign up.
  2. After signing up, select the “buy gift card” option on your dashboard.
  3. Search the country from which you want to buy your iTunes gift card.
  4. Choose “App Store & iTunes.”
  5. Choose the desired unit, enter the quantity you want to buy and review trade policies. 
  6. Proceed to purchase. The delivery is instant!

Now that you’ve purchased your Apple iTunes gift card, the next step is to pay for Apple music by entering the code on the card on the iTunes store. Then, you’re good to go as the card’s balance will be added to your account. 

Common Problems Associated with using an Apple iTunes Gift Card in Nigeria

  1. Invalid Code: This error message usually appears when the code is incorrect or the gift card has been used. Make sure that it’s an iTunes gift card and not an Apple Store gift card, as the two are different. Ensure you take a second look or reach out to Apple Support.
  1. Inactive Card: If it’s inactive, it means it might not have been properly activated. IT’s best returned to the retailer and they will resolve the issue for you. It is important to note that you may be required to provide the support team with an image of the card, the sales receipt with the date of the purchase, and the serial number on your gift card.
  1. Missing Balance: If your gift card balance isn’t showing in your Apple account, try signing in and out or reach out to Apple Support for help.


Purchasing Apple iTunes gift cards in Nigeria has never been this easy and straightforward. People now not only get to redeem gift cards but also get to buy them, thanks to platforms like Cardtonic that promote the ease of trading iTunes gift cards among a host of other gift cards in Nigeria.

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