AfricaNXT is taking over Lagos, and it’s not your average conference. 

Formerly known as Social Media Week Lagos, this five-day gathering of brilliant minds is all about driving change through conversation and action.  From February 06–10, 2023, the five-day conference will bring together Africa’s brightest minds and disruptors for a non-stop celebration of ideas, solutions, and innovation.

With over 400 speakers and hundreds of panel discussions on six stages across the continent, AfricaNXT is the place to be for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve. TechCabal is bringing its A-game with an insightful panel discussion: “The Role of Media in Africa Tech Coverage”. The event will take place on Monday, February 6 from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm (WAT) at the FutureNow Stage at Landmark Centre, located at Plot 2 & 3 Water Corporation Road in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

With a lineup of speakers such as Aanu Adeoye – West African correspondent, Financial Times; David Idagu– Africa Regional Consultant, Allison+Partners; Biola Alabi – CEO/Founder, Biola Alabi Media; and Alexander Onukwue, Nigeria Correspondent, Semafor; the session is going to be packed with lots of insightful knowledge from industry experts.

But AfricaNXT isn’t all just talk; it’s also got festivals, and immersive experiences that are equal parts fun, learning, and game-changing networking.  If you have snagged a ticket to this epic gathering, here’s something else that you need: an ultimate guide to all the fun and stimulating installations at AfricaNXT!

Lit Lab

If you are a book lover, the Lit Lab at AfricaNXT should be at the top of list of things to experience at AfricaNXT. Lit Lab is a pop-up paradise that’s part library, part workshop, and part secret book club. You’ll have the chance to listen to top authors read from their books, sharpen your writing skills in workshops, or just relax and catch up on your reading between conference sessions.  


This one is for food enthusiasts and nerds, Farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, and agritech startups. Eat. Africa’s installation will take you on a  journey from field to fork, showing you how best to build a sustainable ecosystem and ensure everyone along the food supply chain prospers.

A Great Day in Gidi

If you a fan of big ideas, and people who have bug ideas, you will love the ‘A Great Day in Gidi’ experience. It’s like a window into the dynamic and diverse individuals who are shaping the future of Lagos, from industry heavyweights to digital rebels to award-winning artists.


If you’re looking for a chance to connect with your inner peace through yoga, meditation, movement, and mindfulness workshops, then the Offline installation is for you. Offline’s wellness experts have crafted a digital detox for conference attendees, giving them the chance to disconnect and dive into mindfulness, say goodbye to stress and hello to a 100% mindful, zen state of mind.

Nxt Mkt

If you love shopping, Nxt Mkt, housed at the AfricaNXT Annex, features curated products from innovative designers, artists, food entrepreneurs, and other creatives. From local boutiques to bespoke shoe designers to artisanal snacks, Nxt Mkt delivers a one-of-a-kind marketplace experience.

Nxt Art

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience that will rock your art world, then you should experience Nxt ArtT! This is where the canvas meets the circuit board. Nxt Art will present a colourful collision of art and technology. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s hot in the African art scene right now, and see how technology is shaping the next generation of artistic masterpieces. Plus, you’ll discover some amazing up-and-coming talent that’s sure to turn heads.

Nxt Films

If you love films, then you won’t want to miss the Nxt Film experience! It’s a chance to connect with other film industry folks, learn about the future of African film and get a front-row seat to some seriously incredible works by boundary-pushing filmmakers. 

If you are yet to register for the AfricaNXT event, there are four ticket tiers available: the Campus Badge (free); the Campus Badge Plus, which costs ₦34,000 ($51); the Stakeholder Badge, which costs ₦272,000  ($467); and the Digital Pass, which costs ₦16,700 ($25).

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