Zaia Ventures, the venture studio led by Former Global Chief Marketing Officer of Amazon Prime Video Ukonwa Ojo, has made an investment in Taeps Animation Studios, a burgeoning force in the world of animation dedicated to bringing powerful African stories to life. This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the animation industry, as two visionary entities unite to champion diverse narratives and redefine storytelling, globally.

Taeps Animation Studios, known for their acclaimed short film “Ewa“, was nominated for the Best Animation Short Film Award at the African Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2023. “Ewa” has captured viewers around the world, garnering over 100,000 views in just over a month. The short film’s widespread acclaim cuts across Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, United States, and the United Kingdom. This milestone shows Taeps’ ability to tell stories rooted in African culture to a global audience.

Building on this momentum, Taeps’ is setting the stage for an adventurous project – “Adétóún and The Heart of Time”. The story revolves around Adétóún, the young descendant of an ancient warrior. It explores themes of ancestry, heritage, and bravery. The story delves into her journey against the backdrop of an ancient relic and a battle for supremacy that could alter the course of time itself. “Adétóún and The Heart of Time” promises to be a ground-breaking 3D feature film rooted in the richness of African mythology and tradition.

“I am thrilled to join forces with Taeps Animation Studios to amplify African voices and narratives in the world of animation,” said Ukonwa Ojo, Founder/CEO of Zaia Ventures. “Their commitment to authenticity and excellence in storytelling aligns perfectly with our vision at Zaia Ventures. Together, we will showcase the beauty, complexity, and diversity of African culture to a global audience.”

Adeoyin Okuboyejo, CEO of Taeps Animation Studios, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Zaia Ventures is evidence of our shared vision of celebrating African heritage through animation. With Ukonwa Ojo’s expertise and support, we are embarking on our most ambitious project yet – ‘Adétóún and The Heart of Time’. Together, we will not only entertain but also inspire and educate audiences on the uniqueness of African storytelling.”

Taeps Animation Studios, co-founded by long-time friends and animation enthusiasts Adeoyin Okuboyejo and Ayobami Bello, aims to usher in a new era of animation that celebrates African culture and heritage. Through captivating visuals, compelling narratives, and innovative storytelling techniques, Taeps Animation Studios seeks to dazzle audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

As a member of the advisory board of Taeps Animation Studios, Ukonwa Ojo will lend her expertise and strategic guidance to support the company’s growth and development. With her extensive experience in marketing and brand strategy, Ojo brings a wealth of knowledge and insight that will propel Taeps to new heights. Together, they will elevate African storytelling and inspire audiences around the globe with the beauty and richness of African culture.

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