Part 1: Leading

Pokemon GO has continued to captivate millions of players worldwide with its augmented reality and beloved Pokemon characters. The thrill of catching Pokemon in the real world, participating in gym battles, and completing quests has kept players engaged since its release. 

However, the game’s popularity has also led to the emergence of various hacks and cheats, aimed at improving the gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking for Pokemon GO hacks on Android or iOS, this guide will provide you with the latest and most effective techniques and tools available for you to know how to hack Pokemon GO in 2024.

Part 2: Are There Any Hacks Available in Pokemon GO Now?

In 2024, several reliable methods and tools have emerged to for those who are trying to figure out how to hack Pokemon GO. These hacks are designed to give players an edge in the game, whether by catching more Pokemon, finding rare species, or simply making the game more convenient. Here are some of the most recommended methods:

  1. Auto-Catch: This method involves using devices or apps that automatically catch Pokemon for you. Devices like the Pokemon GO Plus or apps with auto-catch features can significantly speed up the process of catching Pokemon, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game.
  1. Shinny Scanner: Finding shiny Pokemon can be a challenge, but with the Shinny Scanner tool, you can locate shiny Pokemon more efficiently. This tool scans for shiny Pokemon in your vicinity and alerts you when one is nearby, increasing your chances of adding these rare creatures to your collection.
  1. IV Revel: Individual Values (IVs) determine a Pokemon’s potential in terms of combat power and stats. The IV Revel tool reveals the IVs of Pokemon, allowing you to catch only the best ones. By focusing on high-IV Pokemon, you can build a stronger team for battles and raids.
  1. Spoofing: Spoofing involves changing your GPS location to catch region-specific Pokemon without having to travel. This hack in Pokemon GO is popular among players who want to catch Pokemon that are not available in their area. However, it is important to use spoofing tools cautiously to avoid detection and potential bans.
  1. Cheat Codes: Using specific cheat codes can unlock various in-game advantages, such as increased item drops, faster egg hatching, and more. Cheat codes and  can be entered through certain apps or devices to give you a Pokémon GO hack for free.
  1. Auto-Walk: This method simulates walking, allowing players to hatch eggs and cover distances without physically moving. Auto-walk tools can be especially useful for players who want to progress in the game without having to walk long distances.

Each of these methods offers unique benefits and can make your gameplay experience even better. However, you have to use them responsibly to avoid getting banned from the game.

Part 3: How to Move in Pokemon GO without Walking

Moving in Pokemon GO without physically walking is possible with the right tools, and one of the most effective options is Tenorshare iAnyGo. This tool allows you to change your GPS location on your iOS or us it for Pokemon GO hack Android device, making it appear as if you are moving in the game without actually walking. Here’s how you can use iAnyGo once you know how to hack Pokemon GO:

Step 1: Download and Install iAnyGo

Visit the Tenorshare iAnyGo website to download and install the software.

Step 2: Launch iAnyGo and Connect Your Device

Open the app on your computer and connect your iPhone or Android device using a USB cable. Make sure that your device is recognized by the software.

ianygo connect devices

Step 3: Select the ‘Change Location’ Mode

Choose the ‘Change Location’ option, allowing you to enter any location you desire.

ow to hack Pokémon GO

Step 4: Choose Your Desired Location

Enter the coordinates or select a location on the map where you want to appear in Pokemon GO. For example, you can set your location to New York City.

Choose Location

Step 5: Start Spoofing

Click ‘Start to Modify’ to change your location. Open Pokemon GO, and you will see your character in the new location with the Pokemon GO walking hack.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Effective for catching region-specific Pokemon
  • Great for hatching eggs and participating in raids globally
  • Allows for remote gameplay, expanding your reach within the game


  • Potential risk of account suspension if overused or detected by Niantic
  • Requires a computer for the initial setup and may need occasional updates

Using iAnyGo is the best way to hack Pokemon GO without walking, making it an invaluable tool for any serious player. It offers a seamless way to explore different regions and catch a variety of Pokemon without the physical effort of traveling.

Part 4: Conclusion

Hacking Pokemon GO can improve your gaming experience significantly. Whether you’re using Auto-Catch, Shinny Scanner, IV Revel, Spoofing, Cheat Codes, or Auto-Walk, these methods provide a competitive edge. Among these, iAnyGo stands out as a versatile tool for GPS spoofing. By following the steps outlined, you can know how to hack Pokemon GO and enjoy playing walking.

However, while you should know this full tips for Pokemon GO walking hack, you must use these hacks responsibly to avoid getting banned. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has strict policies against cheating and uses various detection methods to identify players who are not playing fairly. To minimize the risk, use these hacks sparingly and consider the potential consequences before using them extensively.

Hot FAQ about How to Hack Pokemon GO:

  1. How to get a joystick for Pokemon GO?

You can get a joystick for Pokemon GO by using GPS spoofing apps like iAnyGo. These apps often include a joystick feature that allows you to control your in-game movement manually, making it easier to navigate the game without actually moving.

  1. How to fly in Pokemon GO for free?

Flying in Pokemon GO can be achieved by using spoofing apps that change your GPS location to anywhere in the world. By setting your location to different points on the map quickly, you can give the illusion of flying. This method allows you to explore various regions and catch a wide range of Pokemon without any cost.

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