Quality Time: Amina Ibrahim and Lara Tijani discussing PAN, socio-economic issues, co-founders’ decision making, and more
Features, Series
9th August 2017

I met Amina Ibrahim and Lara Tijani, co-founders of Project Awareness Nigeria, at a BTNG event in London. We caught up later and talked about PAN, socio-economic issues, and more

Nest To Hold Forum On Finance And Technology At Nairobi’s iHub
Events, Series
20th November 2015

Hong Kong startup incubator Nest is hosting a panel discussion on technology and finance as part of its speaker series, dubbed #WhatsNext. The panel discussion, held in partnership with Chase Bank Kenya, will bring together key players in the finance and tech industries, with the panel sharing the challenges, advancements, adoption and application of technology […]

iPod Classic
A Brief History Of Digital Audio…And Other Stuff
long reads, Research, Series
22nd October 2015

Apparently, the streaming business model isn’t as recent an invention as we’ve been led to believe. It was in existence in a certain form, a while before the Internet – as we know it today, was invented. In 1982…

Four Lessons for Startups from the Silicon Valley TV Series
Features, Series, startups
8th October 2015

Note: Spoiler Alert! There are gigantic spoilers in this post. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies. And what keeps me faithful to a TV series in particular is how much knowledge I can gain from it. Silicon Valley, is one of the most interesting TV shows I’ve seen in a long while. […]

11 Iconic Childhood Games Every True Nigerian Gamer Remembers
Features, Series
23rd July 2015

Video games opened up a whole new world of entertainment to the 90s Nigerian kid. We have put together a list of games that every Nigerian child of the 90s deployed for target practice on their way to becoming pro gamers.

How to Brew The Perfect Chai – Using Remote Monitoring to Control The Environment of Tea Harvests
Developers, ecosystem, Series
2nd July 2015

Our hack was developed to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity in a tea storage warehouse.

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