Lordbanks Weekly became a bit hard to do. Not many noticed that one fizzle, or if they did they didn’t ask. Which is fine, because TechCabal is an experiment in sustainable tech blogging, and we need to move fast. That particular feature has taken a backseat for the time being.

In its place we’re offering you an email newsletter, delivered to your inbox, once a week, with links to the best-est content that we think you absolutely shouldn’t miss on TC for the past seven days. If you subscribe, that is. It doesn’t have a name…yet — I’m loth to call it something hackneyed, like “TC Weekly”, so for now we’ll simply refer to it as the newsletter.

Why? First the data and the feedback I’m getting from readers tells me that for some reason, crunching through TechCabal in long marathon sessions is one popular way that people consume our content, and I’m thinking those people might appreciate getting all of that in a weekly digest. Second, joining our mailing list would be a great way to keep up with other stuff going on with TC, the ecosystem and other stuff that ordinarily wouldn’t get into a blog or Fructose post. You’ll see.

We might have a few easter eggs planned too, so please keep calm and subscribe to the TechCabal newsletter. Darn, I just said I wouldn’t name it. Remember, it’s just once a week, and rolls out from next week. If you love us, please forward to your friends and co-opetitors alike.


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Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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