Hopscotch is an iPad app that allows kids drag and drop blocks of code to create their own programs! It enables them to create games, stories, animations, interactive art, apps while learning problem solving, critical thinking, and the fundamentals of computer programming.


Jocelyn Leavitt’s Hopscotch app for iPad is filled with cute, colorful characters and ways to train them to do things like move across the screen, change shape and draw, based on input like tapping or the sound of clapping. It’s an open-ended product that lets kids decide what they want to build and put it into action.

Hopscotch is iPad-focused and targets making coding easier via graphical elements that kids can drag and drop to build up programs. So essentially like Scratch – but for iPads. It is a digital toy that can be used to make other digital toys.  Hello, 21st century Legos!

Hopscotch first launched last April, and since then has raised $1.2 million in funding.


Photocredit: Big Think

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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