South Korean Electronics giant, Samsung Electronics recently revealed plans to unveil a smartwatch that works as a stand-alone phone making another run at that persistent techno-geek dream.

The smartwatch will make and receive phone – or watch – calls without being bound to a smartphone, an ability not possessed by most of the smartwatches currently on the market now can’t do. It will also come with mobile phone functionalities like SIM card, photos and email and it will be equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and a heart monitor.

Samsung is in talks with telecom carriers in the U.S., South Korea and Europe about the smartwatch; they have hopes to unveil the gadget between June and July. The watch will run on Samsung’s Tizen OS, which they co-developed with Intel Corp.

Samsung already has four wearables on the market including the Galaxy Gear, powered by Google’s Android operating system, and the Gear 2, running on Tizen; which of course are not stand-alone.

Do you think a watch with phone functions would amount to much of a business; and would you buy it?


Photo Credit: Janitors via Compfight cc

Odunayo Eweniyi | Author

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