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[UPDATE]: iHub’s contract with Farnell covers Kenya only. Says a representative of CcHub Nigeria, “From our agreement and after further confirmation from Raspberry Pi, we (CcHUB) are the official retailers of Raspberry Pi for Nigeria; while iHub is the official retailer in Kenya only (not Africa). There is no official distributor for Africa.

Last week Thursday, Nairobi’s iHub struck a deal with the United Kingdom’s Farnell to become the official reseller and distributor of the Raspberry Pi for Kenya and the rest of Africa. Incidentally, CcHUB is the official retailer of Raspberry Pi in Nigeria and they already retail the different kits. iHub has received the first consignment and will  provide dedicated technical support, technical dealer training, warranty desk and administrative dealer support. This partnership is also accelerating the launch of the iHub e-commerce site where everyone can shop for the genuine Raspberry Pi’s. The Pi’s will be retailing at Ksh 7,000 [₦13,000] and everyone interested in the purchase can do so from iHub for now. The Raspberry Pi is a single-board credit-card sized computer that plugs into any monitor and a keyboard and works as little desktop PC to run word processes, spreadsheets, and games and tutorials. It stores files on a built-in hard disk or an external hard disk. It can do a lot like this developer proved.   Photocredit: CcHub

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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