The Tecno Phantom Z is yet another flagship from Tecno (And it’s a freaking octacore)

The hectacore Tecno R7 is barely 2 months old but Tecno is already teasing another flagship, the Tecno Phantom Z. This one one-ups the R7 in the number of processing cores. It’s an octacore. That’s right, 8 cores.

I will confess I’m not as intrigued about the phone as I was about the TV ad (which by the way is an impressive first from Tecno), considering the Tecno R7 fell short of my expectations. So I’m not sure what to make of the Tecno Phantom Z. But let’s pretend the octacore processor is as a huge deal as it’s made out to be. What else has the Phantom Z going for it? Here are the specs we know of:

  • 16 MP primary camera, 8 MP front
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 5.5 inch display
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Android JellyBean 4.2.2

Not a particularly horrible specsheet, albeit very similar to the R7. But wait, it runs might run on Android JellyBean 4.2.2? Again? I’m a little perplexed as to why any OEM would release and Android flagship 2014, with Android JellyBean

But considering that Tecno now supports OTA updates (one of my personal wishes for Tecno in 2014 granted), I’m just going to assume there’s a major software update in the works to rollout Android KitKat to R7 and Phantom Z users later in the future. That has got to be it.

No official dates have been announced for the release of the Tecno Phantom Z

*UPDATE* The Tecno Phantom Z launched in Kenya on the 26th of June. It runs Android KitKat 4.4 (well done Tecno) and has an 8 MP camera with flash. Yes, a selfie camera with flash. 


  • chizaram says:

    Let’s hope they update the R7 and Phantom Z to Android 4.4.2 and also fix the many bugs in the R7. I got the R7 about 2 weeks ago to “give the Tecno thing a try” and it’s been a horrible experience. The specs are great and it runs fast, but there are too many bugs. It switches from normal mode to silent mode and then to mute. So lots of times, if you’re not looking at the phone screen, you’ll definitely miss some calls. Their Customer Support lines are off. Called a number of times and it never rang. Sent an email to the one specified on their website ( and it bounced. Sent a message on Facebook and no response. Also, I use the Swiftkey Keyboard app. However, when I restart the phone, it goes back to the default Android Keyboard – so I always have to manually set it to Swiftkey each time. It seems like the R7 has issues storing settings – and that’s a big flaw. I think Tecno is taking a lot more than they can chew. The Phantom A+ is a lot more stable than the R7. They should fix the bugs pretty quick. But for now, I won’t advice anyone to get the R7 or the Phantom Z for that matter until we see Tecno release an update to fix the many bugs and prove that they are committed to supporting the devices and give customers a good experience and not just pushing out new models and leaving their customers with issues hanging.

    • This is revelatory @chizaram:disqus thanks for sharing.

    • Nonny Yung Ezepue says:

      @chizaram, I’m an android user also.I use the phantom a3. if your modes keep switching, then check ur battery saving apps, they are the ones causing it. also,your keyboard app should be installed in the phone memory,not sd card. move the application,and see what I’m telling u. Hope it helps.

      • chizaram says:

        I uninstalled the Du Battery Pro app that came with the phone. There’s no other battery saving app on my phone but it still goes to mute mode when a call comes in. I’ve moved the Swiftkey keyboard app to the phone memory and it now works ok (I’ll need to observe it for some days to be sure all’s good though). The silent mode switching is a very annoying experience.

        • Nonny Yung Ezepue says:

          one thing I’m certain of is this -if you bought a good device you’ll not have all these bugs to contend with.but if it continues take it to Carl care

    • hmmm…Gotten my R7 over a month now and its been really great!. i didnt get the mode bugs on mine..its been pretty faithful on the normal mode..i did do a few tweaking here and there. The only problem i had was the facebook app force closing each time i tried using it. I decided to uninstall it when i notice that the play store do not recognized it been installed on my fone. A quick playstore install later and problem solved!. works pretty well now. The Du battery pro is quite handy if you use it rightly.. and the battery life is quite impresive..way better than my previous A+. I am looking forward to their kitkat update…but will not rush it once it becomes available..just to be sure its worth it …

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