Score one for overnight (or 2 days after) TV ratings. While many Nigerians were less than happy with the result of the Nigeria vs. Iran world cup match, it has come to our notice that the less than satisfying match drew over 17.5 Million Nigerian Viewers!

GeoPoll, a real-time mobile survey platform, today released released initial findings on TV ratings, audience size and demographics following the first games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Geopoll gathered the data via mobile surveys on World Cup Television Audiences in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda, providing relatively comprehensive glimpse of the fans who are tuning into the World Cup in these countries, and presenting ratings from more than 300 million African citizens.

So the game between Nigeria and Iran was watched by millions. Since the game was played during prime time in Nigeria (honestly, I don’t think it mattered what time it showed, Nigerians would still have watched it), the match drew over 17.5 million Nigerian adult viewers or 20% of the Nigerian adult population. Go team Nigeria! #NIG

More than 25 million adults from all the surveyed African nations watched the Nigeria-Iran game, making it the most watched game in the African market over the first 5 days of play.

GeoPoll will be running surveys throughout the entire World Cup, reporting interesting findings on its blog and giving an unprecedented look at the soccer fan base in the largest African markets. Other African world cup viewership statistics for the first 5 days of play, can be viewed here.


Source: Geopoll

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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