Africa’s backup generator for the internet and Kenyan software company, Ushahidi’s first foray into hardware, BRCK will officially be launched next week Wednesday, 09 July 2014 at the Sarit Centre in Nairobi.

BRCK is a simple, portable and durable alternative source of power capable of withstanding the harshest physical conditions, switching intelligently between multiple internet sources, connecting to multiple local devices and lasting for extended hours on battery power that will help you access the internet wherever you are.

Chief Executive Officer of BRCK, Erik Hersman revealed this at the 2014 Tech4Africa conference held in Nairobi Kenya. He had earlier said, in an interview with TechCabal, that the routers would be ready for shipping by the end of April, but the dates had to be moved further, he said, because of the difficulty involved in getting funding.

“I know a lot of investors, you would think it will be easier to get money , you don’t know how hard it is to get money,” said Hersman, adding that seeking for funds took him to San Francisco, Austin Texas, South Africa and Nairobi.

The first 800 units of BRCK will be shipped out to 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the US and Europe, where the routers have already been pre-ordered.

At launch the BRCK can be purchased online at, and buyers will be able to pay for shipping to their country.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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