Touchscreens are so pervasive that even the Raspberry Pi is advancing towards them. RS Components (RS) has recently released two touchscreen display starter kits for the Raspberry Pi. The starter kits provide a fast and stress-free wiring interface for building portable and low power Raspberry Pi projects and applications.

The touchscreen starter kits, 2.8-inch uLCD-28PTU-PI (240 x 320) and 4.3-inch uLCD-43PTU-PI (480 x 272), were developed by 4D Systems and come with all the components necessary for users to connect their Raspberry Pi to the  touchscreen displays.

Each starter kit contains: a 4D serial Pi adaptor shield; a 2GB microSD card; a uUSB-PA5 programming adaptor; a 150mm 5-way female-female jumper cable for quick connection to another device or a breadboard; a 5-way male-male adaptor to convert the cable to male-female; and a quick-start user guide. A series of ViSi-Genie application software libraries are also available to communicate with the Raspberry Pi board and the user code.

Odunayo Eweniyi Author

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