We are all too well familiar with this scenario. You need to make/receive an important call or send an important text/tweet. It is at that very moment your phone battery gives out. There’s no power source around and you didn’t even bring your charger or USB cable along.

The common remedy to the above situation these days is to carry along a portable power bank like this


But who needs a power bank when you can just get this keyholder thingy?


It’s called Oivo developed my some dudes in Slovenia. And they’ve started a Kickstasrter campaign to help bring their concept to reality. The contraption is actually opposing battery terminals designed to look like a keyholder. Here’s how it works


The bottom end goes into your iPhone charging port and you can start charging immediately. You can still use the phone while it charges. They say regular batteries should charge your iPhone up to about 50%. High end lithium batteries should charge it up to 100% with some juice left to reuse in your home appliances like remote controls.

So let me get this straight; this is essentially a powerbank with removable, non-rechargeable batteries. You have to carry these batteries along with you all the time, not the mention the long term costs of constantly replacing the batteries. Cool story.

Oivo will retail at $39 and is available only for iPhone, the developers promise Android and Windows phone versions if they get enough support and interest from Kickstarter. If you are feeling very generous, as little as $34 will guarantee you a unit of Oivo if you pledge now on Kickstarter.

Photo Credit: dvanzuijlekom via Compfight cc

Muyiwa Matuluko Author

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