Media and brand analytics startup, Playspread, has released another infographic. This time, it is taking a look at what drives choices in and conversations about smartphones in Nigeria.

Playspread gathers its data from television, radio and online data. According to Segun Jerome, Adspread’s text-classification engine looks at a set of over a billion facts, uses natural language processing to categorise content into a hierarchical taxonomy of over 150,000 topics and runs sentiment analysis to help companies understand what consumers are saying..

The time frame of the sample for this report is from October to November, so it should be treated as such. The results are nonetheless interesting.

By Playspread’s Adspread data, Tecno devices dominate the conversation about smartphones, followed by BlackBerry, iPhone, Infinix and Samsung.

As the spec dies, screen size is emerging the most important factor. Samsungs and iPhones get a lot of traction on this element, but it appears that the Infinix Zero made out like a bandit because of its 5 inch screen.

Battery life remains a huge concern though, for everyone, although Samsung and iPhones are waaay better than BlackBerry in that department.

Playspread’s infographic also confirmed something that mobile phone review geeks have known for a long time, but pointedly ignore. People don’t really care about processors.

Check out Playspread’s state of the (Nigerian) smartphone industry infographic.

State of Industry - Smartphone infographics_readjusted_new

Bankole Oluwafemi Author

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