SuperGeeks has partnered with Cornerstone Insurance to create Gadget Protection Plan, an extended warranty service to fix or replace damaged equipments under their coverage.

Gadget Protection Plan being the first to launch in the Nigerian market, aims to take care of wrecked devices that occur from either damages caused by the user or manufacturer.

The process is said to be simple and free of any hassles. Customers only need to sign-up for their Gadget protection Plan at the point of purchase of their next device at any of GPP’s certified retail partners.

From March 16, GPP will be available on Konga, Game, Afriqbuy and the Hub Media stores.

According to Sam Uduma, CEO of SuperGeeks, “At SuperGeeks we develop technical competence across a wide variety of device manufacturers (OEMs) which allows us to offer best-in-class service quality and efficient service delivery. More and more, gadget users are becoming very attached to their devices, where any downtime impacts their quality of life. With GPP, we aim to migrate gadget users from a ‘break & fix’ mentality to a more preventative approach, greatly reducing the turnaround time for repairs while saving them money overall.”

GPP will cover mobile phones, tablets, computing devices, TVs and home theatre systems.

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13th March 2019

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