Charity outfit, Philips Foundation and the UNICEF’s innovation team has launched the Global Innovation Centre (GIC) in Kenya to solve problems bearing on children’s issues.

A new release from Phillips consulting says the charity organization is one of the 5 founding partners and steering committee member of the UNICEF Global Innovation Center (GIC).

Techmoran reports that the GIC project is designed to build scale and accelerate innovations that will combat children’s issues and see to their well-being globally. GIC launched last week in Kenya.

“With the Global Innovation Centre and Innovation Fund, UNICEF is building new forms of engagement between businesses and development organizations that bring resources and expertise, to bear on children’s issues,” said Dr. Sharad Sapra, Director of the UNICEF Global Innovation Centre says in a media release.

The Philips Foundation will provide UNICEF’s innovation team with consultation and access to Royal Philips’ innovation processes and solutions as well as the involvement of its internal network of researchers and designers to provide solutions to children issues world over.

GIC is the second project born from the existing partnership between the Phillips Foundation and UNICEF. The first was the Maker movement project, focused on developing and deploying solutions and new business models that improve access to healthcare for mothers and their children in low-resource settings.

Photo Credit: -po via Compfight cc

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