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Covenant university has unveiled a new mobile learning platform Edusocial to enhance learning and academic activities among its students and staff.

According to a Techmoran post, the Edusocial platform is to complement the 7500 tablets that was given to it students in other to access their online courses, materials and other form of academic resources.

The Edusocial platform comes with a mobile library, a tutorial platform for interaction between students. In a news release on its website, the vice chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, claims the Edusocial is different from other e-learning platform in the country. He attributed this uniqueness to the presence of the social media feature on its platform, a feature he claims is absent from other state institution’s platform.

“Our product is different from other forms of e-learning earlier adopted in the country by some state governments. What then is unique about our system? All over the world, social media has enjoyed tremendous patronage and adoption among students at all levels of learning. Consequently, it was banned in schools and some offices in the US, UK and most parts of Europe because of its negative influence on learning and work ethics. What we have done is to harness the features of the social media for learning, therefore, our product is a social media based e-learning system.” Says Professor Charles Ayo

Covenant university’s mobile learning platform Edusocial was created in partnership with Softcom Ltd and Samsung Electronics. An idea that was said to have started since 2011.

Yemi Olutoye Author

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