You know when you get home after a long day at work and you ask your toddler “how was your day?” Normally, you would get a timid “fine” with a bright smile as response. And that’s it. But with mytoddlr, you can now know what your child was up to all day.

Mytoddlr is a child care startup that uses technology to help you track your child’s activities and habits while keeping you up to date with his/her whereabouts.

The service would come in handy particularly for busy parents who would love to keep up with their preschoolers in creche. Parents sign up to the service, register their child’s school and the company goes ahead to verify the school. Right from the app, you can enrol authorized adults to pick up your child and get alerts when your little one is picked up or dropped off. You can also track milestones of your child’s life and any new habits they pick up.

The startup was co-founded by Molawa Adesuyi, Kehinde Yinusa and Stanley Ogbuchi. Mytoddlr is the first childcare as a service company in Africa.

At the moment, 13 schools, 547 children and 1053 parents are signed up to the service. To sign up, you simply need to go to the website and invite your child’s school by inputting the contact details of the school’s representative. The company goes ahead to contact the school, verify them and they will get back to you. The service is free for the first 30 days after which you will be required to pay a monthly fee of NGN 4,500.

“The app is available on Android and iOs platforms for now. The Windows version is in the works,” says Stanley Ogbuchi, a co-founder. Users will get daily progress reports by email and SMS. Other features of the app include automated end of term reports.

Funding to date has been via personal investments from founders, team members and their family and friends. Recently they pitched at DEMO Africa and were finalists at Startup Istanbul.

Photo Credit: KzAkabueze – ONEin12 via Compfight cc

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