iROKOtv is slimming down. Today, the CEO confirmed that the startup has cut 136 jobs, and more; they are moving some operations to their offices outside Nigeria. We also brought you a recap of the REDsummit. What else happened today?

A Brief History Of Digital Audio…And Other Stuff

Apparently, the streaming business model isn’t as recent an invention as we’ve been led to believe. It was in existence in a certain form, a while before the Internet – as we know it today, was invented.

IROKOTV Confirms It Is ‘Saying Goodbye’ To 130 Staffers

This is the first major restructuring iROKOtv is announcing since it switched from PC and mobile streaming to a mobile-only discovery and download offering back in July.

28 Websites That Can Teach You A Lot For Free

There are so many websites you can log onto and have access to an ocean of knowledge. Here are 28 websites where you can learn a lot, for free.

Shapeymix: A Puzzle App That Unites Nigeria, Really

Shapeymix, is a 2D/3D jigsaw puzzle app which lets you match Nigerian states to their correct borders by dragging and dropping.

The RED Summit Was West Africa’s Biggest Media Festival

The summit, which held last week, was the joint effort of RED Communications, Troyka Holdings and the School of Media & Communication, Pan-Atlantic University.

Native Apps Are Denying Google Ads Money On Mobile

Google owns mobile. Of the 1.9 billion smartphones active monthly in the world, 1.4 billion run on Android (Google’s open source mobile OS). But that doesn’t convert to a lot of ads revenue for the search giant.

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Kenyan startups win ITU World Entrepreneurship Awards [Disrupt Africa]

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has hosted this year’s World Entrepreneurship Awards, with two of the five winners hailing from Africa.

Microsoft targets 150 million Swahili speakers with new Swahili text translator [TechMoran]

In a move to tap into the up to 150 million Swahili speakers in eastern Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Microsoft has launched Kiswahili text translation, becoming the first African language Microsoft Translator.

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