We all agree. No one reads those tedious EULA Agreements when signing up for a new service, and for good reason too – the prints are so small, and the language so incomprehensible that we’re better off skipping it, and just using the damn app.

Except we’re not. Companies like Instagram, Samsung, and more recently, Snapchat, have relied on our nonchalance about these legal documents for their own enrichment, many times, at the expense of our privacy. I’m not sure how I feel about Google tracking my search requests and email conversations and tailoring ads to display to me, based on that information. Who knows what else my data is being used for? Or Snapchat reserving the right to use photos I intended to share with one person, for whatever they wish, without any compensation.

Of course, we could go on about the option of opting for premium versions, where available, to eliminate this inconvenience, as opposed to using these services for free (effectively making us and our data, the commercial product) but the reality is that the services aren’t essential enough to justify money paid.

Enter EULA Analyser.

A subscription-based service that scans through the EULAs of all the online services you’ve signed up for, interpreting and condensing legal jargon into everyday English, clearly spelling out implications of the agreement, should you choose to accept it, and notifying you whenever changes are made to these agreements.

Would you subscribe to such a service?

Photo Credit: Simplificamos Su Trabajo via Compfight

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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