After Uganda’s election, several individuals have been arrested under charges of using media to incite violence. The move has targeted journalists and social media users.

This move comes after access to social media and mobile money services was cut off during the election on 18th February, with many users resorting to virtual private networks to get connected.

In response to this shutdown, twenty organizations including Hivos East Africa, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) have written a petition to the United Nations and the African Union, condemning the move.

Following the election and subsequent announcement of results, access to social media and mobile money services was restored.

The crackdown is moving from social media to more mainstream media, with journalists arrested while covering protests in the aftermath of the election.

Several journalists have been arrested outside Besigye’s residence.

One journalist from NBS reporting from the vicinity of his house put under arrest, and his equipment confiscated.

All this was caught on camera.

VIDEO: Our very own Elijah Turyagumanawe arrested by the police outside Kizza Besigye’s home while reporting live.

Posted by NBS Television on Monday, 29 February 2016

The arrests come after a directive two days after the election barring media access to Besigye’s residence.

Main opposition candidate Kizza Besigye was been put under house arrest on election day, and his movements were severely curtailed in the aftermath of the election.

The arrest comes a day before the deadline for petitions against Museveni’s election.

In response, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces will be deployed ‘until the threats are over.’

Photo Credit: amalthya via Compfight cc

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