“To better focus on enhancing your Tweetdeck experience, we’ll no longer support a standalone Windows app. If you use Windows, you’ll still be able to visit Tweetdeck on the web.”

Twitter has just announced on its blog, that come April 15, they will no longer support Tweetdeck for Windows. Even though they did not give reasons for the termination, a Twitter spokesperson said, “By deprecating the Windows app and activating the TweetDeck cookie, we’ll be able to enhance the overall TweetDeck experience.”

I think Tweetdeck is arguably the best way to experience Twitter – especially if you have to manage multiple accounts. The clever column-based interface and nifty features like Tweetdeck Teams make it a haven for many-a-social media manager or power user. And like they’ve said…

“Nothing is changing about Tweetdeck itself, just where you access it from.”

I don’t think it makes much of a difference, to be honest. Many Windows “apps” like Tweetdeck and Slack are simply Chromium-based browsers permanently pointed at their respective websites. In this case,

If you use Google Chrome, it’s even easier. Click Customize and control > More tools > Add to taskbar, and you’ll be able to access Tweetdeck from your taskbar.tweetdeck

Osarumen Osamuyi Author

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