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This is not a review. This is a puff piece about the best phone on the planet. For now, yes. But it is what it is, while it is.

There is really nothing more to say about this device. Since the images leaked, till it was announced in February at MWC in Barcelona and finally when reviewers got to put their mitts on it in March, it’s been an unmitigated droolfest. Just look at what they are saying.

A stunning device to hold. The S7 Edge is the most impressive piece of smartphone hardware I’ve ever held – Dan Seifert, The Verge.

They’re metal and glass, and are premium-priced. They have very good cameras and feel great in the hand. You won’t go wrong buying them – Walt Mossberg, Mossberg.

In many ways, the S7 devices represent the anti-iPhones – Lucas Matney, TechCrunch.

A sexy alternative to the iPhone 6S Plus – Raymond Wong, Mashable.

Photo credit, Logor Olumuyiwa

If you want to argue with someone, argue with them. I’m done here. Okay, maybe I do have one or two things to say. I especially love the fact that when I installed the Google Now launcher, Touchwiz happily got out of the way to give me what I would call a 98 percent stock android experience.

Once you get used to high-end devices, specs begin to matter less, and other innocuous things begin to matter. While the S7 Edge doesn’t exactly resurrect the spec, it brings a number of remarkable things to the table. You want a phone that gets you to the end of the day. The S7 Edge’s 3600 mAh battery does not disappoint, and it charges fast. You want to point your phone and capture great images without fuss. The S7 Edge’s 12 megapixel camera kicks every other phone’s camera’s ass, especially in the low light department.

Samsung Galaxy edge 4 - techcabal

I’m not quite sold on the actual day to day utility of the curved edges, but it is the perfect aesthetic touch to the gorgeous 5.5 inch super AMOLED screen. Wait, the curves make the phone easier to hold too.

Samsung Galaxy edge 3 - techcabal

God bless whoever decided to bring expandable memory back. While cloud-enabled mobile computing is inevitable, we’re not quite there yet. And yes, the S7 Edge is waterproof. I wouldn’t advise you to go scuba diving with it, but it will certainly repel liquid spillages and even survive a thirty minute swim in the toilet, should you get drunk enough for that to happen.

As expected, the best phone in the world is not cheap. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will set you back N238,000. But if you buy this phone and don’t promptly run it over with a Humvee, you won’t need another for a while. It’s worth every penny. Withdraw your lifesavings if you have to and buy this device, because it is actually an investment. Okay, don’t withdraw your lifesavings (you’re not an idiot). All I’m saying is if you are going to cough up in the region of N200,000 for a phone, you’d be mad not to buy this one, or the classic S7, which costs just under N200,000.

I have published a gallery of monochrome photography that was shot by artist, Logor Olumuyiwa with the S7 Edge (check out more of his work here). The credit for the images in this post go to him as well. In the meantime, here is a small teaser, full colour and monochrome images. Hard to believe they were shot with a phone, right? Best believe.

Drinks, by Logor

Drinks, by Logor

Patterns, by Logor

Patterns, by Logor

Skin, by Logor

Skin, by Logor

Ripped Jeans, by Logor

Ripped Jeans, by Logor

Stalls, by Logor

Stalls, by Logor

Silhouette, by Logor

Silhouette, by Logor

Yaba, by Logor

Sabo, by Logor

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