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Monday. Let’s get it.

1. Two Nigerian universities have launched startup hubs. The one in the University of Nsukka has a funny name, but we’ll allow it. The other one is in Covenant University, which is intriguing, because as far as I know, that school has an interesting list of banned items, and it includes mobile phones. And no, I have no idea why grown college students aren’t allowed to use mobile phones. Nigerians like to do the most.

2. While their Nigerian counterparts are launching weirdly named startup hubs, the University of Stellenbosch is launching a satellite. A nano-satellite, but a satellite nonetheless. Do they have two heads? Link

3. Still no in Anglophone Cameroon for 69 days y’all. #BringBackOurInternet.

The Zunde Africa Fund (ZAF), a group that invests in student-run businesses, is looking for passionate student entrepreneurs across Africa who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. Applications are open until May 1st. You can apply here.

Other interesting things…

+ Kenya apparently has a gambling problem, and smartphones are making it worse. Link

+ Creating centralised digital identities for citizens is very nice, but are there appropriate safeguards and security considerations in place? A very important Twitter thread by Nanjira Sambuli. Link

+ The next time someone asks you how to get started on learning to code, send them this one minute primer by Googler, Aniedi Udo-Obong. Link

+ A Nigerian Instagram comedian has landed a $1 million endorsement deal. This CNN article doesn’t quite capture how big of a deal Chief Obi is though, dude is a prominent fixture in Jidenna’s latest album.

+ Uber Nigeria stole my idea for a Suya delivery service. Link

+ If you still have a few seconds to kill, this is a great tweet. Link

This April, ChatClass NG is offering a 2-month program designed to develop and support social media managers. The program will feature a thorough masterclass, real-life assessments and internships. Apply here if you’re interested. Deadline’s April 1st.

Hot topics on Radar

This thread about a Nigerian online merchant’s experience with Pay on Delivery is wild. The numbers this dude is doing are off the charts, what the hell is he selling? He says “slim tea” I’m literally not buying it. Link

+ Of course it gets better. I have good reason to believe that the thread originator is none other than the infamous Dr. Azolibe. But Radar people don’t seem to have wised up to this yet. This is how I’ll find out if Radar users are subscribed to the digest, lol.

+ If you are Nigerian and don’t know who Dr. Azolibe is, you are quite lucky. He is only the biggest email spammer this side of the Atlantic. Don’t even ask what his emails and products are about.

+ Curiosity killed the cat of course, here you go, don’t regret it.

+ But seriously, is it time to kill Pay on delivery? Life seems to be Eazi-er without it.

+ Like the horror stories of PoD should discourage any sane online vendor. What do you think?

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