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Today is Friday.

1. Financial services company, Paga, has joined forces with the Nigerian Postal Service to reach deeper into local communities. If I am not mistaken, there should be about 5,000 post offices around the country. Paga already has 11,000 agent points in its network, and 6 million registered users. Paga CEO, Tayo Oviosu, shared the news via Twitter.

2. The CEO of Kenya’s film board doesn’t like people who use pseudonyms on social media. iAfrikan is reporting that Ezekiel Mutua is actually proposing a bill to ban the use of aliases on the (Kenyan?) internet. For context, these are the same people that wanted to see Netflix banned in Kenya because of “inappropriate” content. Filed under shit you can’t make up.

3. Guess who else is obsessed with regulating social media? South Africa’s State Security Minister. Link

4. Ecobank Cameroon’s new CEO is Gwendoline Abunaw. Yassss! I believe that it is time for a LinkedIn update. But first, we celebrate! Hmm, that rhymed. Okay, I’m sorry.

5. Uber is letting lower quality cars onto the platform in Kenya. Mostly to keep the competition at bay. Link

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What else is happening?

+ Life without Safaricom can really mess with your day, writes Kenyan blogger, Moses Kemibaro, of the recent and rare outage that crippled the mobile network and financial services. But you’ll live. Not every time 4G. Sometimes 3G. Link

+ Don’t be a defensive developer, writes Andela’s Celestine Omin. Pull requests and code reviews are an opportunity to learn, don’t waste them by turning them into pissing contests. Link

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Upcoming events

Lagos: Lead Space Happy Hour, is today. Link

Lagos: ReactJs Workshop, is tomorrow. Link

Lagos: Berkeley Haas Africa Business Forum 2017, also tomorrow. Link

Lagos: Startup Grind with Bassey Eyo, tomorrow as well. Link

Lagos: The LXG Premier Gold Tournament, that’s begins tomorrow too. Link

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Upcoming deadlines

Africa Entrepreneurship Award application deadline, IS TODAY. Link

Adansonia accelerator: Applications close on April 30th. Link

GoIgnite startup programme: Applications end on April 30th. Link

Up Accelerate: Applications also close on April 30th. Link

SpeedUp Africa: Apply before May 1st. Link

That’s all, folks!

We’ll be back on Tuesday, after Workers’ day, which will be spent not working. I hope. You do you, and see you.

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