Have you been wondering what Value Cryptocurrency and the bitcoin revolution has to offer?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, a new form of money that’s completely digital, and can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Because of this, transaction fee all around the world would become very fast and affordable. More importantly, all round the clock transactions are now possible and convenient. 

Since its creation in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, some individuals and firms have risen over the years to make the adoption of the bitcoin digital currency easier, and Cordial Exchange has become one of the leading pioneers in this regard. Cordial Exchange is here to help every Nigerian achieve a smooth transition into the world of digital finance, and cryptocurrency.

Cordial Exchange is the go-to-crypto currency exchange platform for individuals and businesses alike to buy and receive, sell and send out bitcoin and other digital assets without stress. We operate flexibly to enable newbies and experts to embrace digital currencies because these currencies are the future, and they are for everyone. 

You are probably wondering what you can do with digital currencies like Bitcoin for example. Well, the list is endless. For example, you could purchase goods online without having to worry about foreign currency exchange or the charges that comes with it, you could transfer funds to your family and friends in value (considering how quickly the local currency drops in value), or you could simply invest it. There are many more options available. That is why we are here to educate and help you attain a seamless transition to the use of digital currencies. 
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According to Adeleke David from Cordial Exchange, “all business transactions are processed immediately, and at a price-friendly transaction fee”. As a customer-centric brand, we ensure a reliable customer support system to create a positive experience for all our customers. In addition, we have a dedicated team of financial experts and I.T. professionals that ensure your currency, and its security are in solid hands and delivered optimally with speed when needed.

Another benefit of Cordial Exchange cryptocurrency payment and e-wallet system is how affordable we have made it for you to go cashless. You would not have to worry about any unnecessary charges in your decision to go cashless, and future transactions would be very convenient for you. We have also made our exchange system very simple for every user. You need not have a prior experience of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology to trade on our platform. Moreover, we are building an active network to educate everybody on the nuances of transitioning to digital currency use.

We have taken our time to improve user experience on the platform. All the digital assets have been well illustrated for your convenience: Bitcoin, Gift cards, Perfect Money, Payoneer, Refill. You’ll also have an easy-to-guide to create an account and own a wallet in few minutes.

What is the next big plan for Cordial Exchange?We are preparing to launch our eCommerce platform where customers can purchase gadgets and pay with bitcoin, and a merchants and consumer’s Mobile App that comes with unique features such as real-time exchange rate for users, useful notifications, user-friendly interface with a responsive design, excellent product management feature, a personalized view, an e-wallet which can be used to make transactions, pay bills and purchase gadgets at the customer’s convenience, and such airtime features.

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