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Indeed, it was a busy year for TechCabal in the newsroom. Ephraim Modise joined us as Southern Africa reporter, and has since kept us abreast of news in the region, from documenting mergers and acquisitions happening in South Africa to lessons startups can learn about frugality from Clubhouse. Ephraim has done important work growing TechCabal’s presence in Southern Africa.

This year we dedicated a chunk of our reporting to emerging technologies: crypto, Web3, and DeFi. We published explainers on Web3 and interviewed several professionals building and investing in the space

Speaking of emerging technologies, 2023 will be the tipping-point for artificial intelligence. You probably caught the small debacle around Open AI’s release of its chatbot, ChatGPT. We will be doubling down on coverage about AI in the new year.

2022 was the year we did some really difficult yet vital reporting on work culture and ethics within the ecosystem. As one of the most strident tech publications in Africa, TechCabal occupies a sensitive position in that we build relationships with the very startups and founders we cover in our publication. In the course of covering these beats and people, we came into knowledge of wrong and criminal practices in the ecosystem.

We did not shy away from covering them, and we did so led by our belief in truth and fairness to all parties. We learned a lot along the way too, and took feedback from you about what we could do better.

We received your kind words on our coverage of ex-Paystack founders doing great work in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem

Kelechi Njoku, senior editor, TechCabal

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