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In recent times, the bank verification number (BVN) for Nigerians has become synced with almost every legally recognised financial registration you want to carry out. It’s quite similar to the importance of NIN for most documentation in Nigeria. It carries information including your full name, date of birth, phone number, and the like. Therefore, questions like how to check my BVN phone number surface often.

Instances when you may need to know details like your BVN registered phone number include:

  • When you’re trying to change your alert phone number virtually.
  • When you’re trying to get an OTP of some sort and can’t remember your BVN phone number
  • When you want to ensure uniformity of details during a registration and want to confirm the phone number you registered with your BVN.

There are more situations, but the above are just the most common ones. 

Is checking BVN details online possible and safe?

If you’re asking the above question, the answer is an emphatic YES. It is possible to verify BVN information via the internet. And it is safe if you use the right platform, which we’ll come to later in this article. Using this method, BVN carriers can see inaccuracies in their biodata and attempt corrections as needed. 

So if you’re one of those asking how do I check my BVN name, birthdate, phone number, and the like, you don’t need to go to the bank. Your information can be verified online.

Answer to “How to check my BVN phone number online”

Before you embark on verifying your BVN details online, you must know the number itself. If you don’t know it, here’s how to check your BVN number on your mobile phone. 

The BVN is a very delicate number, and while it cannot be used outright to scam you, exposing its information can make you vulnerable to being defrauded. Therefore, it requires specific steps to have you access its details independent of your bank. As such, if you’re specifically searching “how to check my BVN phone number”, you can check via one authorised way as an individual. And that is by using the BVN validation portal.

You may easily access and verify your BVN information through the NIBSS BVN Validation Portal. But there are requirements for you to access BVN associated information, such as name, phone number, or address.

Before that, you must note that you can only check your own BVN details with the way the NIBSS has wired the validation portal. See the notice below, as derived from their website.

On what’s needed to check your BVN phone number via the NIBSS portal, it’s nothing serious. As earlier mentioned, you’ll need your BVN number, then you’ll also need your registered date of birth. These details will be your way in confirming ownership of the BVN number and show that you have permission to view the details therein.

Additionally, ensure you have your ATM card handy, with an account balance that’ll allow the deduction of the verification fee of ₦25. 

With the aforementioned at hand, you can go on to the BVN validation portal following these steps:  

  •  Log in to the NIBSS BVN validation portal here. It’s advisable to use your PC for this operation.
  • Type in your BVN and your date of birth used during registration.
  •  Tap the search button.
  • You should get a list of options to select your preferred means of payment and pay the ₦25 verification fee.
  • Once you’ve completed the payment process, you’ll be taken to a page detailing your BVN information.

You’ll find your phone number amongst other details on the last page. You can print it out or make a screenshot for future reference.

FAQs apart from “how to check my BVN phone number online”

There are other questions people ask regarding the BVN. See them below alongside answers to them

Can I change my BVN number? 

No, you can’t change your BVN number.

Can I have two BVN numbers?

No, you can’t have two BVN numbers. It’s one per person.

Can I change my BVN phone number online?

For some banks, a BVN holder can update their BVN contact information online. But you’ll first need to use the bank’s provided communication channels to get in touch with its customer support department. If they allow such changes virtually, the representative in charge of customer support will ask for some of the following details: 

  • Your BVN Number
  • The full name on the BVN
  •  The date of birth used for the BVN registration
  • Your National Identification Number (NIN)
  • Your desired new mobile number

The information you provide helps verify your identity and clear any potential fraud from your account. It’s however advisable that customers who wish to modify their BVN telephone number go in person to the bank because of the risks involved in providing such sensitive information through the internet. You can visit the location of the bank where you registered your BVN for the quickest service.

Final thoughts

At this point, questions like “how to check my BVN phone number online” or “how do I verify my BVN details online” have been duly answered. However, please be very careful so you don’t provide your information to fraudsters. 

Damilola Makinde Author

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