WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging platform worldwide, and it offers a wide range of features to enhance your chatting experience. While editing messages after sending them was once impossible, WhatsApp has now joined the likes of Slack as it now allows users to edit their chats, fixing typos, mistakes, or adding missing information. In this article, we will guide you through the process of editing chats on WhatsApp.

1. Update your WhatsApp to get the chats edit feature

The first step to take before you can edit your Whatsapp chats is to have the latest Whatsapp version. So head to the app store or Google Play Store and update your WhatsApp.

2. Open Whatsapp and locate the chat you want to edit

Launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Once opened, navigate to the chat conversation that contains the message you want to edit. Please note that this feature only works with individual chat messages. In other words, you can’t edit a message sent to a group. So scroll through the chat until you find the specific message you wish to modify.

3. Long-press any of the WhatsApp chats you want to edit

To begin editing, long-press on the WhatsApp chat or message you want to edit. This action will highlight the message and at the top right, you’ll find 3 dots. Click these dots and you’ll see a prompt menu of options at the top of your screen. Look for the “Edit” button and tap on it to proceed.

edit WhatsApp chats

4. Select the edit option

As earlier mentioned, from this menu, select the “Edit” option. WhatsApp will now open a text box where you can make the necessary changes to the message. Edit the content as desired, rectifying any errors or adding the missing information.

5. Save and send the edited message

After making the necessary edits, review the modified message to ensure it conveys the intended meaning accurately. Once you are satisfied, tap the send button (usually represented by a check icon) to save and send the edited message. WhatsApp will update the chat with the edited content, and the recipients will see the corrected version of the message.

edit WhatsApp chats

Final thoughts on how to edit Whatsapp chats 

WhatsApp’s chat editing feature provides users with a convenient way to correct mistakes or update information after sending a message. But the drawback is the absence of the feature for group messages. However, you can enjoy more comfortable and seamless communication with the latest handy feature on WhatsApp.

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