MPesa statement

You may need a bank statement for some registrations sometimes, but going to the bank to queue can be exhausting. Safaricom’s M-PESA service allows customers to access their stamped MPESA statement online. This service, aptly named “M-PESA Statement,” empowers users to effortlessly generate their transaction records at their fingertips. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of this handy feature.

How does this service work?

The Mpesa Statement service simplifies the process of obtaining your transaction history. Instead of making a trip to a Safaricom Shop, you can now self-generate your e-stamped statements from your mobile phone. Here’s how it works:

1. Request Statements: Customers can request statements for specific dates whenever they need them. This feature is available on demand, giving you control of your financial records.

2. E-Stamped Verification: The generated statements are e-stamped and verified as authentic documents from Safaricom. This means you can trust the accuracy of the information without the need for physical stamps or visits to the Safaricom shop.

3. Easy Sign-Up: To access e-statements, simply follow the straightforward sign-up process on your M-PESA line by dialling *334#. This makes it convenient for customers to access their statements while on the go.

4. Data Protection: M-PESA Statement ensures that your sensitive customer details, such as mobile numbers, are protected. Information on the statement is minimized in accordance with data protection laws, prioritising your privacy.

5. Free for all: The best part is that this service is free and accessible to all registered M-PESA customers. Regardless of your usage or subscription type, you can take advantage of this valuable tool.

How to access your MPESA statement

To access your MPESA statement, you have two options: through the M-PESA App or via the *334# menu.

Via M-PESA App

1. Log in to the M-PESA App.

2. Enter your M-PESA PIN for security.

3. On the home page, select “M-PESA Statements.”

4. Choose the desired month for the statement.

5. Select “Export Statements.”

6. Click “Generate Statements,” and your statement will be downloaded to your device.

Via USSD *334# Menu

1. Dial *334# on your M-PESA line.

2. Select “My Account.”

3. Choose “M-PESA Statement.”

4. Select “Request Statement.”

5. Specify the period for your statement.

6. Enter the recipient’s email address where you want the statement to be sent.

7. Confirm the recipient’s email address.

8. Enter your M-PESA PIN for verification.

9. You will receive a notification SMS with a code that you can use to access your statement.

Final thoughts on getting your Mpesa statement

With this user-friendly service, Safaricom has made it incredibly easy for M-PESA customers to stay on top of their financial records, all while ensuring data protection and accessibility for everyone.

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