Once characterized by overpopulation, the financial markets sector is now shifting to consolidation. Today’s traders, more educated and sophisticated than ever, demand better conditions and greater transparency from their brokers. In this new era, led by fewer, larger, and more trusted brokers, there is one name that stands out: Exness.

In fact, EXNESS is the largest retail broker in the world reporting monthly trading volumes of over $4 trillion and active clients above 600,000. But what drives Exness’ success? This article explores the milestones and principles that were foundational to its journey. 

Milestones leading to the top

During the retail brokerage boom of 2008, EXNESS was established to transform the landscape by introducing a new way for traders to access the financial markets. This strategy was two-fold: On one hand, the broker put in place transparent and ethical practices, uncommon for the industry then. On the other, it harnessed advanced technology for its product development. 

This fusion turned into a whirlwind of success. Since 2010, the broker’s trading volumes have catapulted from $2 billion to $4.5 trillion globally. Today, the broker’s reach spans over 100 countries, with offices worldwide, ranging from Cyprus, South Africa, and Kenya all the way to the UK, Curacao, and Seychelles. 

With its 2400+ workforce, including local leadership and talent, Exness is armed with the insights and knowledge to deliver the best possible, friction-free trading experience. The broker enhances its offerings with region-specific activities, such as 24/7 multilingual support, local events for partners and clients, and participation in renowned expos.

Under the hood of the leading trading engine

Even before ‘fintech’ was a buzzword, Exness had embraced the capabilities of technology, to drive its trading engine with innovative and industry-first products. This approach focuses on two facets: better-than-market conditions, and features that provide a layer of protection. 

With its conditions, EXNESS makes sure that its clients trade without the compromises of stock and currency exchanges, meaning, no protection from trade liquidation, slippage, and higher costs.

By analyzing masses of market data from different sources, its trading engine is able to distinguish the most favorable price for every trade, bringing clear advantages to its clients: 

ultra-low and stable spreads even when the markets are highly volatile or with large position sizes, and speeding execution times to mere milliseconds.

When it comes to trading, Exness’ algorithms are able to respond to market anomalies, protecting from sudden stop-outs that happen due to temporary price spikes. This is a common issue with trading but Exness, since the launch of its Stop-Out Protection tool, has reduced false stop outs by 30%, thus keeping its clients’ positions open for as long as possible. And when it comes to liquidation, with No Market Impact, its clients can lose no more than their initial capital, capping their downside while maintaining unlimited potential upside. 

Beyond trading, EXNESS has revolutionized other aspects of the trading journey. While online payments are a staple across the industry, Exness introduced the industry-first feature of seamless withdrawals, in a variety of currencies. To do that, the broker streamlined the withdrawals procedure, with algorithms that separate honest from fraudulent trading activity in advance, thus speeding up the withdrawal process to mere seconds.

Beyond technology

The broker’s stance is that no technological feat can replace human connection. Upholding this notion, Exness ensures that every client feels valued. With a dedicated team offering support in 16 languages, Exness’ clients always find the assistance they need, be it via chat, email, or phone. 

To add an extra layer of safety, Exness prioritizes funds security. It stores client money in segregated accounts with top-tier banks across the globe and ensures that its operations and practices are compliant with a vast array of regulators. The Exness Group is licensed and regulated by these leading international governing bodies:

  • Capital Markets Authority in Kenya, 
  • Financial Sector Conduct Authority in South Africa, 
  • Financial Services Authority in Seychelles, 
  • Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten, 
  • Financial Services Commission in the British Virgin Islands, 
  • Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, 
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and
  • Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

In retrospect, EXNESS’ success story is less about achieving numbers and breaking records and more about carving a new way for traders to access the financial markets. This niche approach prioritizes increasing trust with reliable and advanced products. As Exness reaches its 15-year anniversary, traders and partners alike can look forward to even greater innovations, shaping the financial markets landscape, and setting new benchmarks that ultimately benefit each and every one of them. Visit EXNESS for more information.

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