Check your 2024 UNEB PLE results

The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) is one of the important exams in Uganda. So, if you’re a student, parent, or guardian eagerly waiting to check the UNEB PLE results, this guide is for you.

There are two main ways to check PLE results and they are similar to checking the UACE and UCE results: using SMS (text message) or through the UNEB eResults online portal.

How to check PLE results via SMS

This is the most popular and convenient method, especially for those with mobile phones. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get your information

You’ll need the candidate’s full index number. This unique identifier is typically found on the candidate’s examination registration slip.

2. Compose your message

Open your phone’s messaging app and create a new message. In the message body, type “PLE” followed by a space and then the candidate’s full index number (e.g., PLE 004401/380). Ensure there are no other spaces.

3. Send the message

Send the message to the shortcode 6600 on any mobile network in Uganda. There may be a charge associated with sending the SMS, so ensure you have enough airtime on your phone.

4. Receive your results 

Within a short period, you’ll receive a reply message containing the candidate’s PLE results, including their performance in each subject.

Important Note: Double-check the index number you enter to avoid receiving incorrect results.

Checking PLE Results Online 

UNEB currently has an online examination portal for accessing examination results as they’re subsequently officially released. But this option is available for only school administrators for now.

This method might become available to students, parents, and guardians in the future. For school administrators, here’s an overview of what to do to check your school’s PLE candidates’ examination results:

1. Login

School administrators likely have login details for their school’s profile on the UNEB portal. So as a school administrator, simply log in using your credentials and access the results section.

2. Enter details

Once logged in, you’ll find each candidate’s index number or other relevant information alongside their results. You can then go ahead to download them.

Final thoughts on how to check your 2024 UNEB PLE results

Keep an eye on the UNEB website ( and official announcements for updates on PLE results.


  • Regardless of the method you choose, ensure you have the correct candidate information readily available.
  • There might be a fee associated with checking PLE results via SMS.
  • The online eResults portal is not yet operational for students, parents, and guardians but might be available in the future.

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