Code for BVN check 2024 on all Nigerian networks  with hd bvn logo on nice background

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a cornerstone of Nigeria’s banking security.  It serves as a unique identifier, linking your bank accounts to prevent fraud and enhance security. In this article, we’ll provide you with the code to check your BVN on all major Nigerian mobile networks in 2024.

Importance of your BVN

Understanding and using your BVN is vital for several reasons:

1. Enhanced security: With all your bank accounts tied to one BVN, fraudsters cannot manipulate your accounts.

2. Smooth transactions: Your BVN is required for many banking services in Nigeria, including new account openings, mobile banking, and fund transfers.

3. Government verification: Increasingly, government services are also relying on BVNs for identity verification.

Accessing your BVN easily allows you to confirm its validity, manage account linkages, and ensure all information is accurate.

USSD code to check your BVN in 2024

Checking your BVN is easy, regardless of your mobile network. Follow these steps:

1. Dial the code: Open your phone’s dialer and enter the code for BVN in 2024 – *565*0#. This code works with MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.

2. Confirm fee: You may be prompted to confirm a service charge of N20 (subject to change). Reply with “1” to proceed.

3. Get your BVN: After confirming your payment, your 11-digit BVN will be displayed.

4. Save for use: Write down your BVN or take a screenshot for future use.

Registering for BVN in 2024

If you need to register for a BVN, here’s how:

1. Visit your bank: Go to your local bank to book an appointment.

2. Complete the form: Fill out the provided form.

3. Provide documentation: Present necessary documents such as a Nigerian Passport, National ID Card, Driver’s License, or Passport (for non-Nigerians).

4. Undergo registration: Complete the registration process, which includes capturing facial images and biometric data.

5. You should receive your BVN within 24 hours.

Final thoughts on code for BVN check 2024 on all Nigerian networks 

The code for BVN check in 2024 is *565*0#, and it is easy to check your BVN on any Nigerian mobile network. Knowing your BVN strengthens the financial system and gives you access to a broader range of financial services.

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