Because mobile trading apps are not meant to replace desktop trading terminals, some brokers don’t equip the mobile apps with high tech tools. This can be detrimental to most beginner traders who don’t use desktop platforms. 

Our focus here is on apps offered by FSCA regulated brokers & apps with sophisticated tools built into them. In the table below we have compared the apps and listed their best tools/features & minimum deposit in ZAR.

List of Best Forex Trading Apps South Africa

Overall Best Forex Trading App in South Africa

Best Forex Trading App for Beginners

Best Economic Calendar on a Forex Trading App

Best Budget Forex Trading App in SA

Best Risk Calculator Tool on a Forex Trading App

Best Charts on a Forex Trading App

What do these forex trading apps have in common? 

They were all developed by FSCA certified forex brokers, the apps support ZAR base currency accounts, they all have Demo Accounts for experimenting, & they all have Live Chat for customer support.

Ranking best forex trading apps in SA by min. deposit & features

🏆 Position📸 Name of Forex App📱 Device💰 Min. Deposit USD💰 Min. Deposit ZAR Best Feature
1Tickmill MT4Android & iOS$100R1,900Expert Advisors
2Exness TradeExnessAndroid & iOS$10R190Charts
3AvaTradeGOAndroid & iOS$100R1,900Economic Calendar
4XM Trading PointAndroid & iOS$5R95Charts
5HFM AppAndroid & iOS$5R95Risk Calculators
6FxPro DirectAndroid & iOS$100R1,900Charts

Best Forex Trading App in South Africa:

Tickmill MT4  ($1,900 ZAR Starting Deposit) 

Tickmill is a trusted South African forex broker holding dual FSCA licenses to act as a Financial Service Provider & an Over-the-Counter Derivative Provider (ODP). 

Like every other broker, Tickmill offers MT4 but its trading conditions, specially designed MT4 Expert Advisor Kits, & large user base makes its MT4 the best for currency trading in SA. 

Line Drawing Tools & Fibonacci Retracement Tool

On Tickmill MT4 charts you get various trend line drawing tools and indicators. There’s also the Fibonacci Retracement & Fibonacci Extension Tools available. 

Expert Advisor (EA) use on MT4

Raw Spread Accounts are ideal for trading with EA programs and Tickmill’s Raw Account charges a typical EUR/USD spread of 0.1 pip, GBP/USD 0.3 pips, USD/JPY 0.1 pips, & USD/CAD at 0.2 pips. 

The Tickmill Classic Account charges high spreads from 1.6 pips thus making it unsuitable for most EA trading (many EA programs work with low spread)

You don’t need to buy basic EAs from the MetaTrader Market as Tickmill has made some available to you for free. Download Tickmill EAs from their website; go to the “Tools” tab and click on “Advanced Trading Tool Kit”

How to Download Tickmill MetaTrader 4 & open an account

  • Create a Tickmill user profile: do this by registering with your email address 
  • Choose your account: after your profile is registered, you will be prompted to choose a real or demo account. After opening your preferred account, you will get an email containing the name of the server you will connect to.
  • Download Tickmill MT4 for Android or iOS: you can download Tickmill’s version of MT4 from their website. Just click on “platforms” & then select “MetaTrader 4”
  • Connect to Tickmill Server: the first time you open MT4 it will prompt you to select the relevant server (which was sent to your email after account creation). After server is selected, tick the checkbox for “existing trade account” and then input login details and start trading.
👍🏿 pros👎 cons
Drawing toolsCharts are not equipped to show spread for the Tickmill Classic (Standard) Account
Fibonacci Retracement & Extension ToolNo in-app education 
Automated trading with EA programs
Raw spread pricing
Multiple order types
FSP & ODP license means app is very trusted legally
MT4 installation support 

Best Forex Trading App for Beginners in SA:

Exness Trade App (190 ZAR Starting Deposit)

Inbuilt MT5 Terminal

You can access an inbuilt version of the popular MT5 platform from the Exness App. This enables you to quickly change trading terminal to MT5 without leaving the app

TradingView Charts

The Exness Trade App also has inbuilt TradingView charts with advanced drawing tools & technical indicators including Fibonacci Retracement. TradingView charts also let you trade from the charts.

So when you want to analyse the market with greater precision, you can simply switch to the inbuilt TradingView terminal from the settings tab. 


There are 2 calculations the Exness Trade App will perform for you that will save your time:

  1. Position size calculation: it shows you the total contract value of your position, then tells you the initial margin you need to put down for the trade to happen
  2. Pip Profit: it shows you how much you will profit or loss for every pip movement

Live Market Sentiment

The Exness Trade App displays the percentage of Exness traders who are buying & selling an instrument. This data is displayed for every instrument. 

👍🏿 pros👎 cons
Inbuilt MT5 & TradingView terminalsMT4 accounts don’t work on the app
Excellent trend line drawing toolsApp font size is small
Exness is an FSCA regulated broker
Fibonacci Retracement & Extension Tool
You can trade from the charts 
Good economic calendar tool with event volatility indicator
Live sentiment tool
Demo account

Best Forex Trading Economic Calendar:

AvaTradeGO (1,900 ZAR Starting Deposit)

The AvaTradeGO app has good risk management tools and AvaTrade limits leverage to 1:400 max. The minimum deposit for AvaTrade is $100 but you can start by trying out the free demo account.

Economic Calendar (with artificial intelligence)

The AvaTradeGO app has the best economic calendar we have tested. It can use charts to compare past events with forecasted outcomes of the event.

It can also analyse historical impact of an event using charts, it can compare the current chart for an instrument with the historical chart.

It also suggests which instrument you should trade as per the event you are looking at on the calendar, & it lets you open a trade from the economic calendar and displays Risk to Reward ratio for the trade. 

There’s also a filter function lets you sort events by importance, & by country/bloc such as G7, EU etc. The downside to the economic calendar is that you cannot set push notifications from the calendar

AvaProtect Tool

AvaProtect works for Forex & Gold CFD trades and when you activate it, any losses you incur will be refunded.

AvaProtect can be enabled for 1, 3, & 6 hours only and it requires you pay a subscription fee for the period it is active. The cost of using AvaProtect depends on the instrument being traded & the volume being traded.

We tested the AvaProtect tool, and 0.01 lots of EUR/USD costed $0.80 for 1 hour of protection while 0.01 lots of Gold costed around $4.53 for 1 hour of protection

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are useful tools for detecting risky situations & confirming chart patterns. The AvaTradeGO app has been equipped with nearly 100 technical indicators. 

The app lets you add more than one indicator and splits the screen, so you see how each indicator interacts with the charts. This helps prevent indicator overload which is one of the reasons many traders lose money. 

👍🏿 pros👎 cons
AvaProtect risk management featureNo line drawing tools on charts
In-app education & welcome tourNo Fibonacci Tools 
Extensive range of trading instruments
Advanced economic calendar with artificial intelligence 
Live sentiment tool
Demo account
Screen split as you add multiple indicators 
FSCA regulated broker with ZAR base currency accounts
Trade from any part of the app: You can open a trade while viewing the economic calendar, reading the news on the app etc.

Best Budget Forex Trading App in SA:

XM Trading Point (95 ZAR Starting Deposit)

The XM Trading Point app is suitable if you intend to trade on a budget and risk little capital. XM is also one of the few brokers who still offer Micro Accounts where you can trade small quantities/volumes of any instrument thus making it beginner oriented. 

On a Micro Account, your trade volume cannot exceed 1,000 units of any instrument. You can open & run a Micro Account (for small trades) or Standard Ultra-Low Account (for bigger trades) from the XM app with a $5 minimum deposit. 

XM Copy Trading on the app

Again, if you are too busy to trade frequently you can use the copy trading feature to mirror trades of more experienced Strategy Providers (SPs). Copy trading is at your own risk because any losses the SP records will reflect proportionately in your account. 

Advanced Charts & Indicators

The different line drawing tools, Fibonacci Retracement, Fibonacci Time Zone, and Fibonacci Arc/Fan are ideal for learning technical analysis using the XM app. There are also over 60 technical indicators & you can open/close a trade a trade from the charts.  

👍🏿 pros👎 cons
MT4 & MT5 accounts can be used on the appNo live sentiment bar
Fibonacci Retracement & Extension ToolDifficulty using line drawing tool on charts
You can trade from the charts (this feature is good for closing trades fast & securing profits)
Advanced economic calendar tool with graphical analysis of events
FSCA regulation
Demo account

Forex Trading App with Best Risk Calculator:

HFM App (95 ZAR Starting Deposit)

Trade within the HFM App using these accounts:

  • Premium Account: spreads from 1.2 pip
  • Zero Spread Account: spreads from 0.0 pip
  • PRO Account: spreads from 0.6 pip
  • PRO Plus Account: spreads from 0.2 pip
  • Cent Account: spread from 1.2 pip
  • Top-up Bonus Account: spreads from 1.4 pip & Bonus cap is $5,000

The minimum deposit to open an account on the HFM App is $5 or 95 ZAR

Calculator Tools on the HFM App

The HFM app has 5 important calculators which beginners will find useful. 

🖩 Calculator🖩 Input 🖩 Output
Position size calculatorAmount you want to trade withTells you the lot size to trade
Pip value calculatorNumber of lots you want to tradeTells you how much you profit/loss for every tick movement
Risk percentage calculatorPercentage of your account balance you want to riskTells you where to place your Stop Loss
Multi-target calculatorStop loss & Lot size to be closed at certain intervalsTells you which positions should be closed so you maintain a healthy risk to reward ratio
Pivot point calculatorTime frame on chart, OHLC pricesTells you the support & resistance price levels

Custom Order Entry

As you create a new market or pending order, your entries are shown in Amount, Lots, & Units. Custom order entry offers clarity and is a good feature for beginners.

👍🏿 pros👎 cons
App is compatible with MT4 & MT5 account typesNo line drawing tools on charts
In-app education & webinars Only few technical indicators are provided on the charts
Calculator tools for beginnersNo live sentiment bar
Demo accountNo Fibonacci Tools 
FSCA regulation 
Low minimum deposit & ZAR base currency
Extensive range of markets 

Forex Trading App with Best Charts:

FxPro Direct (1,900 ZAR Starting Deposit)

FxPro is a No Dealing Desk forex broker with trading accounts tailored for executing advanced strategies that require high speed execution. 

Both MT4 & MT5 accounts work on the FxPro Direct App. The MT4 account is suitable for forex trading as it comes in 3 options: Raw spread, Standard, & Elite.

The MT5 accounts are more suitable for Stock & Indices trading as they come Hedging & Netting variants. ZAR base currency is provided, and leverage is capped at 1:200 (one of the lowest we’ve seen amongst brokers)

Daily Low & High Price Display

The FxPro Direct App always shows you the highest & lowest prices an asset has reached in real-time.  

TradingView Charts

The FxPro Direct has inbuilt TradingView styled charts with various drawing tools, technical indicators which include Fibonacci Retracement. You can also open/close a trade from the charts. 

High speed trading features: Buy & Sell from any part of the app

You can see the Buy/Sell buttons from the instrument menu, charts, & favourites list. From the instrument menu, you can input the number of lots you want to trade place your order speedily. The Buy/Sell buttons are also very large and easy to tap on. 

👍🏿 pros👎 cons
TradingView chartsNo live sentiment bar
Fibonacci Retracement & Extension ToolNo in-app education
Extensive range of tradable instruments including futures 
FSCA regulated 
You can trade from the charts 
ZAR base currency MT4/5 accounts work on the app

Safety Tips for forex app download in South Africa

Beware of forex apps with similar names

Before you download a forex app in SA, ensure you know the correct name of the app to avoid downloading a wrong app. Some apps have similar names, and this can be confusing. 

Table of forex trading apps with similar names:

App provider📱 App 1📱 App 2📱 App 3Remark
Exness South Africa Exness TradeExness SocialExness Trade is for normal trading while Exness Social is for copying trades of other traders
AvaTrade South AfricaAvaTradeGOAvaSocialAvaOptionsAvaTradeGO is for normal CFD trading, AvaOptions is for trading CFDs on option contracts, & AvaSocial is for copy trading
FxPro  South AfricaFxPro DirectFxPro cTraderFxPro Direct is for trading using MetaTrader accounts, while FxPro cTrader is for trading using cTrader accounts

Avoid apk files from unknown sources

Android package kit (apk) app files are usually used to download apps when the playstore or apple store is unavailable in a certain region.

If your forex broker offers an apk version of the app on their website then it is safe for download, but avoid downloading apk files from external or copycat websites as they may contain fake versions of the forex app.

Always update your forex app

Your app will always prompt you whenever there a new version available so you can update it. Updates help improve safety & performance of the app and most updates contain new app features. 

Forex Trading Apps Q & A Segment 

Question👩‍ Answer
What is the best forex trading app for beginners in South Africa?The Exness Trade App is goof for beginners because it supports low-cost trading & integrates TradingView charts. The XM Trading Point app is equally good for beginners because of its simple design, & good demo account which doesn’t expire frequently.
Can I open and delete a trading account from a forex app?Yes, you can open a new trading account on a forex app and delete an existing account from the app. 
Can I deposit & withdraw funds from a forex app?Yes, deposit & withdrawal is integrated into forex apps.
Which broker gives welcome bonus on their app?HF Markets, XM, & AvaTrade give welcome bonus accessible from their mobile apps.
Which forex trading app has the best economic calendar?AvaTradeGO has an economic calendar with Artificial Intelligence
Which forex trading app has the best calculators?HF Markets HFM App has the best risk calculator tools.
Which forex trading app has the best charts?FxPro Direct App has the best charts which come with line drawing tools, lots of technical indicators, text, screen capture, playback feature, etc. 
Which forex app has Fibonacci Retracement Technical Indicator?TickMill MT4, Exness Trade, FxPro Direct, & XM Trading Point App; are all forex apps with Fibonacci Retracement Technical Indicator

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