JAMB Logon white background with little to no text talking about Despite the hiccups recorded during the last UTME exams, JAMB reveals spending almost ₦3bn on CBT and PCT centers for the process:

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has disclosed that it spent ₦2,688,708,000 on CBT and PTC centers during the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), sparking critical discussions about the effectiveness of this financial outlay.

Detailed breakdown of expenditure

Here’s the breakdown provided by JAMB regarding the allocation of the money spent during the last UTME 2024 exams:

1. JAMB-owned Professional Testing and Certification Centers (PTCs):

  •   Amount Allocated: ₦92,596,500
  •   Number of Centers: 27

2. Privately Owned CBT Centers:

  •    Amount Allocated: ₦2,596,111,500
  •   Number of Centers: 733

This breakdown shows a significant portion of the budget is directed towards privately owned CBT centres, raising questions about accountability and oversight.

Issues and failures on the JAMB UTME 2024

Despite the hefty expenditure, the 2024 UTME was plagued by several issues:

  • Operational Failures: Many centres reported technical glitches and disruptions during the exams.
  • Rescheduling: Exams had to be rescheduled in various locations, causing candidates inconvenience and casting doubt on the efficiency of the process.

Critical concerns noted from this issue on the JAMB UTME 2024

Here are some talking points concerning this financial report:

1. Effectiveness of spending

The substantial funds allocated to CBT centres did not translate into a seamless examination process. The operational failures suggest that the investment in technology and infrastructure could have been adequate or better managed.

2. Accountability and oversight

With a significant amount directed to privately owned centres, there is a pressing need for transparency in how these funds were used. The frequent issues at these centres indicate potential oversight and quality control lapses.

3. Candidate experience

The need to reschedule JAMB 2024 exams, largely due to technical issues, disrupts the candidates’ schedules and undermines the integrity of the examination process.

Final thoughts on JAMB spending almost ₦3bn on CBT, PTC centers in 2024 UTME

The ₦2.69 billion expenditure by JAMB on the 2024 UTME raises serious concerns about the efficiency and management of these funds. This calls for a thorough review of JAMB’s spending practices, oversight mechanisms, and the overall management of the UTME to ensure that such substantial investments lead to tangible improvements in the examination experience and integrity.

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