New JAMB exam reschedule date for JUNE 2024

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on June 2, 2024, released information for candidates who encountered technical difficulties during the 2024 UTME. The JAMB  exam reschedule is slated for candidates who had experiences of glitches with the computer systems at the test centre or biometric verification failure during the recent 2024 UTME exams and were duly recognised as those affected. The supplementary JAMB exam reschedule will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2024. 

This JAMB exam reschedule 2024 ensures affected candidates have another opportunity to take the UTME and pursue their academic goals without being ostracised by technical issues beyond their control.

What to do to partake in the JAMB exam reschedule in JUNE 2024?

To ensure a smooth experience on the rescheduled exam day, JAMB implores all affected candidates to reprint their examination slips as soon as possible. The reprinted slip will contain your designated exam time and venue for the JAMB exam reschedule 2024. Reprinting your exam slip is important to avoid any confusion or last-minute scrambling on exam day.

Prohibited materials from the JAMB reschedule 

Here’s a list of items prohibited from JUNE JAMB reschedule exam halls:

  • Electronic devices: This includes mobile phones, calculators, smartwatches, smart rings, bluetooth devices, flash drives, and any other electronic device that could be used to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Books and other reading/writing materials: This includes textbooks, notes, scrap paper, and any other materials that could be used to cheat.
  • Cameras, recorders, and microphones: These devices could be used to record the exam or transmit information to someone outside the exam hall.
  • Ink/pen readers and similar devices: These devices could be used to read information that is hidden on the exam paper.
  • Earpieces: These devices could be used to receive information from someone outside the exam hall.
  • Large bags: Only small, clear bags are permitted in the exam hall. This is to prevent candidates from bringing in any prohibited items.

Final thoughts on the JUNE JAMB exam reschedule

Please note that the deadline to reprint your exam slip is unspecified, so it’s best to do it as soon as possible for peace of mind. 

Proactive steps and familiarising yourself with the rescheduled exam details will help you to be fully prepared for the JAMB exam reschedule 2024.

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