2024 JAMB exam slip is ready for print WITH JAMB logo on fine hd background

The JAMB examination slip for candidates who completed the recent JAMB registration and are looking to sit for the 2024 edition of the UTME exams is now available for printing and re-printing. This is predicated on the long provided date – April 10th, 2024, by JAMB for the release of the slips to JAMB candidates. Having your exam slip is essential, as it contains vital information like your exam date, time, and venue. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you easily print or reprint your JAMB exam slip 2024:

Method 1: Using the JAMB exam slip printing portal

Here’s how to go about using the JAMB exam slip printing portal: 

1. Visit the Portal 

Open your web browser and navigate to the JAMB Exam Slip Printing Portal.

2. Enter Your Details

On the portal, you’ll be presented with fields to enter your JAMB Registration Number, email address, or phone number used during registration.

3. Print or Save

Once you’ve correctly entered your details, click the “Print Examination Slip” button. Your exam slip will be displayed on the screen. Carefully review the information for accuracy. You can then choose to print the slip using your connected printer or save it as a PDF document for future reference.

2. Printing through the JAMB profile portal

You can print your JAMB exam slip through the JAMB eFacility. Simply head over to the JAMB eFacility portal using your web browser and:

1. Login

Enter the registered email address and password associated with your JAMB profile. Click “Login” to proceed.

2. Locate the print option

After successful login, navigate through the portal’s options until you find something like “Print Main 2024 UTME Exam Slip.” Click on this option.

3. Print or Save

Similar to the first method, your exam slip will be displayed on the screen. Double-check the details before choosing to print the slip or save it as a PDF.


Other notes on 2024 JAMB exam slip printing

Multiple Prints: There’s no limit to how many times you can reprint your JAMB exam slip 2024. The process is free, so feel free to print an extra copy for safekeeping.

Available Methods: Both methods mentioned above are legitimate ways to access and print your JAMB exam slip. Choose the method that best suits your needs and convenience.

Final thoughts on printing your 2024 JAMB exam slip

If you diligently follow, you should be able to easily print your JAMB exam slip 2024 and ensure you have all the necessary information for your exam day. Remember, a printed copy of your JAMB exam slip 2024 is mandatory, so don’t wait until the last minute to access it.

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