This image is that of a light skin lady wearing a lemon top holding a beautiful lemon green coloured google pixel phone in her left hand with only one of her eyes showing while she makes the peace sign with one hand and the image is inserted to fit the new Google Pixel camera update 2024

Google has rolled out the Pixel Camera v9.4 update. This update delivers several significant enhancements to devices such as the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold. Here, we outline key features and improvements brought by this update. You can expect a clear understanding of what to envisage from the latest Google Pixel update.

Key features of Pixel camera 9.4. update.

1. Pro Lens selection

One of the standout features of the Google Pixel update 2024 is the Pro Lens selection. This allows users to manually choose between Ultra-Wide (UW), Wide (W), and Telephoto (T) lenses on their latest Pixel devices. The new lens selection gives users greater control and clarity over photo captures. This feature can be accessed within the “Pro” tab, now conveniently located next to the “General” tab in the camera interface.

2. Improved HDR+ Frame selection 

The update also improves HDR+ by enhancing the frame selection process. This feature now automatically selects the best frame from a burst of photos. As such, the final image captures the best possible moments, such as subjects with open eyes and genuine smiles. This enhancement aims to improve the overall quality and appeal of photos taken with the Pixel camera.

3. Changes to RAW/JPEG picker

Another significant change in the Google Pixel update 2024 is the integration of RAW/JPEG photo settings into the Pro tab under Settings > Advanced. This update makes it simpler for users to switch between photo formats. However, it is noteworthy that this update does not include resolution preferences available in previous Pixel models.

Availability of the Google Pixel camera update

The new Pixel Camera v9.4.103.641377609.23 update is being gradually rolled out through the Play Store. Users may only experience the new features after the update being available. Full access to the enhancements this Google Pixel update brings may require the June Pixel Feature Drop or additional server-side updates from Google.

Final thoughts on the new Google Pixel camera update 2024

The Google Pixel update 2024 for the Pixel Camera v9.4 brings several noteworthy features and improvements that enhance the user experience. With the addition of Pro Lens selection, improved HDR+ frame selection, and streamlined RAW/JPEG settings, this update is poised to deliver more control and better photo quality for Pixel users. However, users will need to stay patient as the full suite of features might take some time to be fully accessible due to staggered rollouts and necessary feature drops.

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